Friday, November 5, 2010

Back a week and almost at home

It's a week since the beginning of my 33 hour day coming home from Israel. My cold is somewhat 'better' (worse for the virus that is). I am still aging but what else is new, and home seems to be not a hotel with rooms that are too big. (The hotel with the most home-like atmosphere was Fauzi Azar in Nazareth - even though we got lost finding it.)

There is still considerable interest in the pictorial trip I have documented. But my visits and page count are down from over 200 to the more normal 20-40 a day.  I have been commenting occasionally on other posts - but blogging? I don't quite know where I will go for a few days yet.

This morning I was thinking about whether or not we can see the Christ of the OT in the confessional stances of people who say they believe the NT. I am convinced of course that the same Spirit informs both Testaments and the same Anointing is there also. But as to who is Anointed and to what effect - these are more subtle questions. And as to whether various confessional stances match the Theology of the Scriptures - well I can only say that the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4) and Habakkuk 2:4 are both in the TNK and without them, where would the NT be? Just to take a different approach to the issue.

The image above at the Israel Museum suggests a/Anointing and even i/Incarnation to me.  The middle of it is the period c 6 BCE - 70 CE. To get the shine on the surface of any age requires serious listening (Hear O Israel) and work (The just will live by faith). Let's not kid ourselves. Shine isn't cheap. But we could say, that like the universe, it's all done with mirrors.

After reading parts of Shelley's Necessity of Atheism, (accidentally come to my attention from an Oxford publication that I picked up at the Psalms conference), I was wondering if I might respond. Might be fun.

If anyone is out there, ask a question and tell me where I should go.