Monday, January 13, 2020

Isaiah 49:2

And he set my mouth as a keen sword. In the shadow of his hand he has camouflaged me.
And he has set me as an arrow pure. In his quiver he has hidden me.
Isaiah 49:2
(Keen to distinguish the word from sharp, חרץ.)
וישׂם and he setשׂום פי my mouthפה כחרב as a swordחרב חדה keenחדד בצל in the shadow ofצל ידו his handיד החביאני he has camouflaged meחבא וישׂימני and he has set meשׂום לחץ as an arrowחץ ברור pureברר באשׁפתו in his quiverאשׁפה הסתירני he has hidden meסתר

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