Sunday, March 30, 2014

Carnival due out tomorrow whenever that is

The March (not the Spring!) ratings for the BS blogs are out - and Dust is number 16 - thank you readers - (Spring is not approaching in Brazil nor in Australia or New Zealand.)

Tomorrow has of course already started in some places especially one who noted the northern um prophecy, where it will be spring in 6 months.  All you northerners - want to wait for spring for another 6 months?

The blogs listed in the BS (that's Biblical Studies by the way) list are mostly English - but you know these days it is perfectly possible to get an impression using Google translate of almost any place in the world - not the nuance - cause we hardly know how to read without imposing our conclusions, but at least an impression.

The prior BS Carnival hosted here 16 months ago was a big hit - almost my number 1 post of all times for volume. The next is due out tomorrow and will post here about 9 pm Pacific time and it will be equally stuffed - but I won't know if it is a hit till later. So stay up late in Eastern North America or very late in Brazil (if you want). Look for it in the early morning in Europe, midday in India, afternoon in Korea and Australia, and evening in New Zealand.

I have shown some discretion in selecting posts - but I wanted a post on every book of the Bible (I did not succeed) and from many languages other than English (partial success) and from parts of the world other than North America and Europe (some success).