Wednesday, March 26, 2014

World Vixen - I say, catch those pesky foxes! #worldvision

World Vision has bowed to financial pressure. This reversal is bowing to the power of capital. It has nothing to do with repentance. I agree with Jim West's comment: "Spinelessness isn’t becoming to any beast but a worm." Joel Watts likewise takes a negative view of the reversal decision.  The letter of repentance from World Vision is here and says it invokes the spirit of Matthew 18 - just how?  Who is the greatest! I say to you, it is better to have been treated like a tax collector or like a homosexual.

How can you fail to read: Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven - haven't you figured this one out yet?

I first learned about this decision to allow homosexual employees at WV from Rachel Held Evans who rejoiced in their bravery only to be distressed at their capitulation a few days later.

So it couldn't be clearer - people of faith disagree about these things. People who read the same texts disagree. Which one is making the more difficult choice? Which is hearing the word of God rather than their own prejudice and dissimulation? Which group is more like Russia? What about that - you American Capitalists?

Read this too.