Thursday, 12 December 2013

The psalms course - for the healing of the nations

How about that! I have the whole series of videos in one list. I suppose that's progress.

Please note that the full set of slides is available here. Related posts are on NT Wright's book The Case for the Psalms, here, and the summary of the allusions to or consistency with the psalms in the Sermon on the Mount here. Each of these is also available, somewhat edited, in PDF - here and here.

My review of The Case for the Psalms expresses the reason - and always one is stretching to find such reason - why I wrote my course based on my book Seeing the Psalter, - itself designed to get people to read these remarkable poems - not just for the poems but also for the conversation that one becomes a party to when one reads them.


  1. Surely this will be worthy & worthwhile study for the new Epiphany gift to us from a knowledgeable author's comprehensive labour of love!

  2. Thank you Karen - the whole process sure has been fun. I am going to redo the third session - combining it with the tent - it is all already done, I just haven't replaced the video yet.

    I had breakfast with your bishop John at Sorrento in October - perhaps I will come out to the Kootenays and help him out with one of his intense weekends for the diocese. That would be fun. I also left a copy of my book with Melissa Green and suggested doing a session at Sorrento in the summer. but I haven't heard back yet.