Sunday, December 29, 2013

What happened in 2013

The year in review. 2013 was an important year as can be seen from my newsletter here. Here is a summary of 'popular' posts on Dust from 2013 (for the list of all time favorites, see the sidebar).

My strategy for seeing the Greek of the NT in the Psalms - a jumping off point for the New Year

An early strategy for reading the Psalms - likewise to be followed up

Reflections of treatment and recovery from cancer

A brief on the role and function of church

A graph on the content of the Psalter summarized by semantic domain

A brief excursion into Arabic poetry and rhetoric

Roots - abstraction, sound and fury, signifying? pace Lambdin

Another strategy for memorization

A prayer for Syria - continuing

A brief introduction to the Psalter

A prayer for Africa - continuing

The problem of violence

The post that I think summarizes the year best for me is the summary of my course on the psalms.
Technique and its application - has we got what it takes?

Happy New Year to you all - today is our delayed Christmas dinner. Keep on smiling.

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