Thursday, 19 December 2013

The quest for the historical Bob

For those doing critical studies on the historical Bob, HB for short (Winnie the Pooh fans will get the allusion), annual Christmas letters going back to 1978, with some aporia, are available here on this very old site.

All the Christmas files have had to be moved - should now be accessible here.

These screen captures from the lives of the MacDonald family are necessarily brief. They are selective history in which much of the year's activity is embodied in the typographical spaces between the runes.

Of course the highlight of the year is the birth of Oliver, here seen with Grandpa HB. He (HB that is) is reading 1000 Farewells by Nahlah Ayed, while the future hockey star's Jets sweater (Oliver's that is) hangs behind the nursery chair. The image may be accepted into evidence for HB and indeed for HO also, though the possibility of photo-shopping needs to be considered, especially in the light of fading memories of recent trips to Winnipeg.

The world so encapsulated, is necessarily constrained. In short, the letter is brief and will take but a minute or two of your day.

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