Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Bible as a Love Song - Nice bugs and sweet typos

Thanksgiving is coming and the lesson on Sunday is Deuteronomy 8:7-18. I know, be-loved, how difficult it is to read this song of Moses. Yes - it is all song. I have spent 16 hours with these verses transcribing the music from the te'amim. I am astonished at its simple beauty. Every rest on the sub-dominant is telling a story all by itself. The music will soon be available in PDF, but I tell you this, in this short note, because I am so moved.

I lost 4 hours work on it yesterday because of an unexpected bug in saving the file. I looked upon this experience as a bad golf-shot. Positively. It gave me a chance to swing again and take a better approach. I took slightly more than an hour and a half to recover, and during this exercise, I noted an improved way of setting out the Hebrew and English together. Nice bug, eh?

Then at the top of the score, I wrote 'the Boble as Love Song'. And I knew who was laughing with me, Bob. A sweet typo.

Soon, beloved, soon...  But do not be afraid to say thank you in your hearts. There is no foolishness in it. Hearts in Deuteronomy 8:14 and 17 both occur at the rest. The heart in these verses is not praiseworthy, but both are in music that is filled with longing from another that thank-you would not be so difficult.