Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Moses' complaint - Numbers 11

This text arises in Tim Bulkeley's Not Only a Father Paragraph 2.5-9.

I am struck by the vehemence of Moses argument and the music bears it out. Yet as well, there is mother imagery for YHWH that one might overlook in the lament.

Moses begins by raising his voice. The song is punctuated at key points by a high C reminding us of the opening statement.  The ornamentation carries the C to a D three times - at the emotional high points: 1. the initial lament, 2. the weeping of the people for flesh, 3. Moses conditional request to be slain.

The full text and music is here. The standard mode appears to work OK. The descending augmented thirds are a little tricky to sing at first.

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