Tuesday, 2 October 2012

PDF of Deuteronomy 8 for thanksgiving (Canadian)

Thanksgiving - no time like the present - whatever your hemisphere.

You'll find the old pdf along with the newer ones at the shared location for all the music. (or see this later post)

It's pretty hard to sing unaccompanied - go slow if you try it.  I will test it tonight at Bible study - it seems to work well for me in English - but not all the underlay is very clear. (But it's workable.)

anyway - tell me if you hear any theology in it. I am intrigued by the postponement of the lowest note - on the ratification of the covenant - till the last phrase.  Also verse 12, the appeal for the caring about commandments, judgments, and statutes is poignantly set. Verse 16 is very subdued, as if the problem of evil and growth remains unsingable.

Of course, with the music, you are even more aware that the reading is taken out of context.  The given lectionary reading begins at verse 7. I included verse 6 because of the necessary context of 'commandment', though that is picked up singly by verse 11.

Well - got to get away from the computer and get some sun - so I won't make this easy for you - click the link and sing - Hebrew gets all the notes, English adds or subtracts them as needed for the underlay.

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