Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Psalm 150 - the music of the te'amim

I developed this score from deciphering the te'amim in an edition of the TNK from my friend and choir director, dated 1946 and belonging to her husband.The signs are different from the other editions I have. This one is by Max Me`ir Halevi Letteris. Yea - I found one. It is difficult to deal with the signs electronically. I wonder if I can get a keyboard that will do it...  I reverted to extended decimal html to get these right. I also obeyed as best I could the instruction to use syllable rhythm. So don't interpret the time signatures woodenly. I think for our choir, I would use an antiphonal approach as noted. Maybe also have some cymbals and a trumpeter.

Why E minor - what about E major?  It works both ways. I then checked my transcription against this performance.

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