Sunday, January 16, 2011


At the Poetry of Christ, in tandem with what I correct or replace on this blog, I will be writing about each psalm in sequence, attempting to tell the story of the book from the point of view of what I have theorized is the purpose of the Psalter: the formation of a people. I also am among those formed and being formed willingly by the tradition of the psalms. Perhaps this series, which I will schedule over a two year period, will help awaken me further to the responsibility of being so formed in such a community.

At roughly 2500 verses, 3 verses a day gets through the body of verses in two years. So some weeks will see 3 posts and some 1 and some will be divided into several. Psalm 119, which I have posted on already, in the letter by letter series, will be posted as if it were 22 psalms.

I will continue blogging on other subjects here after the manner of blogging. The new blog will confine itself to this single subject, and will reference the text here as I reform it.