Friday, January 14, 2011

Reading again

I picked up some new books at the library

Fishbane, Michael, Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel
Terrien, Samuel, The Psalms, Strophic Structure and Theological Commentary

Both of these look like stuff that will teach me things I am struggling to say from within my cocoon.

Some day I will get back to blogging. I am enjoying the writing offline and now I am the point where I need some super vision. Perhaps I will find some. At the moment some of my emerging pdfs are on a place which I will use for writing rather than for blogging.

You can blog spontaneously, but you cannot book spontaneously. Booking requires long and difficult thought. Like the Bible, it is subject to inner book exegesis as Fishbane describes.

I will therefore use Dust (alias Matthew) for blogging and poetry of Christ for booking.  (Hah hah - a transitive use of that verbed noun which has a meaning different from the common one.)