Friday, January 14, 2011

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Doug Chaplin at Clayboy has an important reading of Paul's famous line in Galatians 3:28 - there is neither Greek nor Jew, neither slave nor free, nor male and female, but you are all one in Christ Jesus. [The crux is that this famous statement is not a generality but specific to the issue in the Galatian letter - namely circumcision. Worth the click and the read.]

Circumcision is still practiced in Islam, in cultures, even Roman Catholic, in the Philippines and for medical reasons, and of course within Judaism. The first two on this list have the action performed at or near puberty. The last which is first has the action performed at 8 days of age. And some medical circumcisions may be performed as was Abraham's in one's nineties.

I have written on this subject in a number of story segments. My reconstruction of a first century circumcision ceremony is heavily dependent on Lawrence Hoffman's book Covenant of Blood, a book I recommend highly.

How will one be pure, asks the first verse of Psalm 119. Circumcision is a sign of purity. But in the anointed Jesus, called Christ, a universal circumcision has been accomplished drawing all men and women alike into the covenant with Abraham. (Colossians 2:11) We are so slow to understand. As my characters, Prima and Secundus speak to each other after the turn of that first century

– You cannot make two into one.
– I don't have to. It's already done. One is that has made us one in him.
– Can we then make two where there was one?

– No we cannot. We may see many and not see one, but that is not the reality of the one that made nor of the one that was made

There are other segments of story on my old blog under the name story

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My blog got a blocked message by Google for listing a link to a blog that may have had malware on it - it looks like an attack on the subject blog since the author is a known critic of bad reading and oversimplified theology. I have removed my blog list until I find out more.

... for us, Beloved, the invisible Temple Builder in one action has replaced the violence of all cults.