Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Qumran Examples - the remaining 4

This is the last of the detailed handout - its not a bad record of copying - that there are so few differences over 1000 years.

144:2 peoples or my people - looks like a letter was dropped
MT חַסְדִּי וּמְצוּדָתִי מִשְׂגַּבִּי וּֽמְפַלְטִי לִי מָגִנִּי וּבֹו חָסִיתִי הָרֹודֵד עַמִּי תַחְתָּֽי
11QPs1-a חסדי ומצודתי משגבי ומפלטי לי מגני ובו חסיתי הרודד עמים תחתי
My loving kindness and my fortress
my high tower and my deliverer
mine, my shield
and in him I have sheltered
subduing peoples under me

38:20 (19 English) enemies vigorous or without cause
MT וְֽאֹיְבַי חַיִּים עָצֵמוּ וְרַבּוּ שֹׂנְאַי שָֽׁקֶר
4QPs-a ואיבי חנם עצמו ור[בו שנאי] שקר
but my enemies are without cause and they are strong
and those hating me falsely are many

49:12 does not understand or cannot remain
MT וְאָדָם בִּיקָר בַּל־יָלִין נִמְשַׁל כַּבְּהֵמֹות נִדְמֽוּ
4QPs-c ואדם ביקר בל־יבין [נמשל כבהמ]ות נדמו
but the precious dust doesn't get it
proverbial as beasts, they are undone

also compare with the last verse - there might have been a play on words here - that's what I thought when I noted the one letter difference. But the correction to an exact duplicate of the verse seems more sensible.

37:28 the ayin strophe - this looks like a repeated word was skipped. It still does not make the wicked acrostic perfect. The [ ] usually means that a word was reconstructed - so I am not sure what the handout is saying in this case.
MT כִּי יְהוָה אֹהֵב מִשְׁפָּט וְלֹא־יַעֲזֹב אֶת־חֲסִידָיו
 לְעֹולָם נִשְׁמָרוּ
 וְזֶרַע רְשָׁעִים נִכְרָֽת
4QPs-a כי יהוה אהב משפט ולא־יעזב את־חסידיו
 עולים לעו]לם נשמרו]
 וזרע רשעים נכרת

for יְהוָה loves judgment and does not forsake those of his mercy
for ever and ever they are kept
but the seed of the wicked will be cut off

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