Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New East-West group on facebook re NT studies

Bravo for my old face-book friend Johnson Thomaskutty. He has started a facebook group with Brian Small as co-moderator. I thought I would take a look at some of the proffered works that begin the wall posts. Here's a quote from Christ's homelessness by  Kosuke Koyama
The gospel must be culturally contextualized, yet it must 'gospelize' the cultural context itself. The incarnation is the ultimate event of contextualization. This means that the gospel remains a stumbling block and no contextualization can domesticate it.
The whole article is short and worth a read. And if you are interested in New Testament and theology across the cultural divide, take a look at the group.

(I am glad to see that most of the scriptural citations I have read so far are from the TNK. No OT, no NT. And like it or not, the KJV with its emphasis on the divine right of kings and its overdone creative synonymy probably won't cut it for a full decontextualization of the Gospel.)