Monday, September 27, 2010

Another blogger on the Psalms Conference

Phil Sumpter at Narrative and Ontology has posted on the conference. It looks like we're it for comments following this event. I am now up to 13 posts and I expect at least another 10 - I spent the afternoon in the University library boning up on the Qumran psalms so I will have a bit more meat on the bones of the few verses that I have yet to share from that handout. Besides these verses from Qumran (most of which are interesting but not news) also still to come are

  • Theodicy and the Psalms, 
  • perhaps another post on Chagall, 
  • Liturgical Psalms in medieval Europe, 
  • Susan Gillingham's reception history and 
  • Jonathan Magonet's response, 
  • Klaus Seybold on the History of the Psalter as a book,
  • a post on translating poetry
  • graduate abstracts and
  • Hossfeld's wrapup - which has some good words

That's 9 + 1 - not a bad guess. I am enjoying Cambridge and almost feel like a student again. But I have not had to pass an exam or write a paper for over 40 years, so it doesn't really count. I only have had to stay in business, one which hopefully continues as I enjoy my holiday.