Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Qumran Psalms - 7 more examples

There was a very fine and detailed handout for this lecture. So I can summarize several examples of texts from Qumran that allow one to see variances and some decisions on what another version of the text might have been. It is interesting to note the Biblical translations that have used these variants or not used them. 17 recent translations were part of the study. I will post more on these individually later.

This grid shows which translation took what action with the subject verse
Q=Use Qumran version, *=Footnote, I Idiomatic translation, blank - ignore Q use traditional MT

TranslationDate updated145:13 the missing nun22:16 lion or pierce102:24 my or his strength144:2 peoples or my people38:20 enemies vigorous or without cause49:12 does not understand or cannot remain145:5 they or I will speak37:28 the ayin strophe
Amplified1987Q Q
Complete Jewish1998Q
English Standard Vn2005QQ*QQ*
God's Word1994QQQ
Holman Christian Std2004QQ*Q**
Tanakh JPS1985QQ*
New American1991QI*QQQQQ
New American Std1995QQ
New English Tr NET2005I*QQQ
New International Vn1984QQ*QQ*Q*
New Jerusalem 1990QQ*QQ*QQQ*
New King James1982Q*Q**
New Living Tr 2nd Ed2004QQQQ
New Revised Std Vn1989QIQQQ*
Revised English1989QIQQQ*Q*
Revised Standard1952QQ*QQQ
Today's NIV2002QQ*QQ*Q*Q*Q*

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