Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Psalms - potential assonance in single verses

What happens when I apply the assonance algorithm to Psalms 119 to see if there are significant pairs of letters in individual verses. I restricted my search to finding a pair. 

One thing I have not considered is assonance between different letters like 't and t or s and w. A glance below at Psalms 119 verse 13 with assonance wp, sp, and wp again. This wouldn't have shown up without the doubled wp in lips and judgments. The c sofit, ç, is quite common in this psalm rendered as the pronoun you/your.

ig bwptii siprti
col mwp'ti-piç
   i: 6, p: 4, wp: 2, 13 By my lips I have recounted,
all the judgments of your mouth.

I tried this algorithm and filter for the whole psalter and got 872 rows with at least one 2 count for a letter-pair. It is more than a few too many to analyse without getting quite tired and cross-eyed. It worked after a fashion. I sharpened the algorithm to let me distinguish pairs more easily and filtered for a count of 3 to reduce the volume. It is a slow process. 152 rows remain after isolating those verses where 3 double letters repeat. This will miss some alliteration since I have already found a few where only two repeats were noted. They were not very revealing to me. If I suppress the difference between the taf and tet, and shin and samech, I get 10 additional rows in the whole Psalter. 

So far, this method of automatically finding assonance is of limited value. But you can scan these and tell me if you find any good examples :)
a awri haiw awr la hlç byxt rwyim
ubdrç k'taim la ymd
ubmowb lxim la iwb
a:-7, b:-5, v:-3, i:-6, l:-5, m:-5, y:-3, r:-4, w:-6,
aw: 3, la: 3, rw: 1, wb: 2, wr: 2, ym: 2,
1 Happy the person who does not walk in the advice of the wicked,
and in the way of sinners does not stand,
and in the seat of the scornful does not sit.
ia hawimm alohim iiplu mmoyxotihm
brob pwyihm hdikmo
ci-mru bç
b:-3, h:-5, v:-7, i:-8, m:-9,
br: 1, mm: 2, hm: 3, rb: 1,
11 Declare them guilty O God. Let them fall in their conspiracies.
In their many transgressions banish them,
for they provoked you.

ib viwmku cl-kosi bç lyolm irnnu vtsç ylimo
viylxu bç aohbi wmç
b:-3, v:-10, i:-6, c:-5, l:-5, m:-4, y:-3,
bc: 2, lm: 2, ly: 1, wm: 2, yl: 3,
12 And all those who take refuge in you will be glad. Forever they will shout for joy and you will overshadow them.
And they who love your name will be elated in you.
't iarob bmstr carih bsuco iarob lk'tof yni
ik'tof yni bmowco brwto
a:-3, b:-6, v:-9, 't:-4, i:-6, c:-3, r:-5,
ar: 3, bm: 2, br: 1, kt: 2, tt: 2, mw: 2, rb: 2, wc: 2, wt: 2, yn: 2,
9 It lies in wait in its hiding place like lion in lair. It lies in wait to seize the poor.
It seizes the poor. It draws him away in Its net.
id rait ci-ath yml vcys tbi't ltt bidç
yliç iyzob klch
itom ath hiit yozr
a:-3, b:-3, h:-4, v:-4, i:-9, c:-5, l:-4, y:-5, t:-8,
at: 3, bt: 1, tb: 1, ht: 1, th: 2, lc: 2, yz: 2,
14 Regard you will, for you yourself take note of toil and grief to give by your hand.
To you the hapless defer.
The orphan you yourself will help.
'tv wbor zroy rwy
vry tdrow-rwyo bl-tmxa
v:-5, y:-4, r:-6, w:-4,
rw: 3, ry: 2, wy: 2,
15 Shatter the arm of criminal,
and for an evil one, search out its crimes till none is found.
d hloa idyu cl-poyli-avvn
aocli ymi aclu lkm
ihvh la qrau
a:-6, h:-3, v:-9, i:-5, c:-3, l:-7, y:-3,
ac: 2, cl: 3, la: 2,
4 Did they not know, all these workers of mischief,
eating my people as they eat bread?
Yahweh they do not call.

g la-rgl yl-lwono la-ywh lriyhu ryh
vkrph la-nwa yl-qrobo
a:-4, h:-4, v:-6, l:-8, y:-5, r:-5, w:-3,
la: 3, nw: 1, ry: 2, wn: 1, yl: 2,
3 He does not slander with his tongue. He does not do evil to his friend,
and a reproach he does not lift up over those near him.
h cspo la-ntn bnwç vwokd yl-nqi la lqk
la iimo't lyolm
a:-4, v:-6, i:-3, l:-8, n:-4, y:-3, w:-3,
al: 1, cw: 1, la: 3, ly: 1, nt: 1, tn: 1, wc: 1, yl: 2,
5 His money he does not give at interest, and a bribe over the innocent he does not take.
Doing these things,
he will not be moved forever.
id mmtim idç ihvh mmtim mkld klqm bkiim uxpunç tmla b'tnm
iwbyu bnim
vhniku itrm lyollihm
b:-4, h:-4, v:-7, k:-4, i:-11, l:-6, m:-14, n:-4, t:-4,
mm: 2, mk: 1, kl: 2, km: 1, ly: 1, mt: 2, nm: 2, tm: 3, yl: 1,
14 from men, your hand, Yahweh, from men, from transience, their share in their lives, whose bellies you fill with your treasure.
Let them be satisfied with children,
and leave their surplus to their progeny.
a lmnxk lybd ihvh ldvid
awr dibr lihvh at-dbri hwirh hzat
biom hxil-ihvh aoto mcf cl-aoibiv umid waul
a:-6, b:-5, d:-6, h:-10, v:-11, i:-12, l:-7, m:-4, r:-4, w:-3, t:-3,
at: 3, aw: 1, bd: 1, br: 2, db: 2, wa: 1, wr: 2,
1 For the leader. Of a servant of Yahweh. Of David,
who spoke to Yahweh the words of this particular song,
in the day Yahweh delivered him from the slap of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul.
k vtgyw vtryw harx umosdi hrim irgzu
vitgywu ci-krh lo
g:-3, h:-3, v:-8, i:-5, y:-3, r:-5, w:-3, t:-3,
tg: 2, gy: 2, hr: 1, rh: 1, yw: 3,
8 And the earth shakes and quakes, and the foundations of the hills shudder,
and are shaken for he was burning with anger.
ib iwt kowç stro sbibotiv sucto
kwct-mim ybi wkqim
b:-3, v:-6, k:-3, i:-6, c:-3, m:-3, s:-3, w:-4, t:-5,
ct: 2, kw: 2, wc: 3, wk: 1, wt: 2,
12 He sets darkness his hiding place, round about him his booth,
dark waters, thick clouds of the skies.

k alh brcb valh bsusim
vanknu bwm-ihvh alohinu nzcir
a:-4, b:-4, h:-5, v:-7, i:-4, l:-3, n:-4,
al: 3, bw: 2, cr: 1, rc: 1, kn: 1, lh: 3, nk: 1, wm: 2,
8 Some in the chariot and some in the horses,
but we ourselves in the name of Yahweh our God remember.
h bç b'tku abotinu
b'tku vtpl'tmo
b:-4, v:-6, 't:-3,
bt: 3, tk: 2,
5 In you our ancestors trusted.
They trusted and you secured them.
ch ci la-bzh vla wiqx ynut yni vla-hstir pniv mmnu
ubwvvyo aliv wmy
a:-4, v:-10, i:-6, l:-4, m:-3, n:-4, y:-4, w:-3,
al: 1, la: 3, yn: 2,
25 For he has not despised nor detested the poverty of the poor, and he has not hidden his presence from him,
but when he cried to him he heard.

l aclu viwtkvu cl-dwni-arx lpniv icryu cl-iordi ypr
vnpwo la kiih
a:-3, v:-9, i:-8, c:-4, l:-5, n:-3, p:-3, r:-4, w:-3,
cl: 3, np: 1, pn: 1,
30 All the sleek of the earth will eat and worship in his presence. All who go down to dust will bow,
but his being he could not keep alive.
b alohii bç b'tkti al-abowh
al-iylxu aoibii li
a:-5, b:-4, v:-4, i:-8, l:-5,
ab: 2, al: 3, kt: 1, tk: 1,
2 my God,
ב because in you I have trusted. Let me not be ashamed,
nor let my enemies be elated over me.
h wnati qhl mryim
vym-rwyim la awb
a:-3, i:-3, m:-4, y:-3, w:-3,
ym: 3,
5 I have hated a congregation of evildoers,
and with the wicked I will not sit.

k awcilç vaorç bdrç-zu tlç
aiyxh yliç yini
a:-3, v:-3, i:-5, c:-6, l:-3, y:-3,
cl: 1, rc: 2, lc: 3,
8 I will give you insight and instruct you. In this way you will walk.
I will advise you with my eye.
'tz ain-hmlç nowy brob-kil
gibor la-iinxl brob-cok
b:-5, v:-5, i:-5, l:-4, n:-3, r:-3,
br: 3, rb: 2,
16 There is no king victorious by abundant force.
One who prevails is not delivered by abundant power.
k tboahu woah la-iidy
vrwto awr-'tmn tlcdo
bwoah iipol-bh
a:-5, b:-3, h:-4, v:-8, i:-4, l:-3, w:-4, t:-3,
ah: 3, aw: 1, rw: 1, wa: 2, wr: 1,
8 Let catastrophe come upon him unknown to him,
and let his net which he buried catch him.
In catastrophe, he will fall in it.
cv ibowu vikpru ikdiv wmki ryti
ilbwu-bowt uclimh
hmgdilim ylii
b:-3, v:-8, k:-3, i:-12, l:-4, m:-4, w:-4,
bw: 3, lm: 2, hm: 1, mh: 1,
26 Let them be ashamed and disappointed together who are glad in my hurt.
Let them be clothed in shame and humiliation,
who magnify themselves above me.

cb al-tyzbni ihvh
alohii al-trkq mmni
a:-3, h:-3, i:-5, l:-3,
al: 3,
22 Do not forsake me Yahweh.
My God, do not be distant from me.
b amrti awmrh drcii mk'toa blwoni
awmrh lpi mksom
byod rwy lngdi
a:-4, d:-3, v:-4, i:-6, l:-3, m:-6, r:-5, w:-4,
aw: 2, mk: 2, mr: 3, rh: 2, wm: 3,
2 I said I will keep my ways from sin with my tongue.
I will keep my mouth muzzled,
while a wicked one is before me.
v rbot ywit ath ihvh alohii nplaotiç umkwbotiç alinu
ain yroç aliç agidh vadbrh
yxmu mspr
a:-8, b:-3, h:-6, v:-10, i:-10, c:-4, l:-4, m:-3, n:-3, y:-3, r:-4, t:-5,
al: 3, at: 2, br: 1, bt: 2, la: 1, rb: 1, tc: 2,
6 Many things you have done, you Yahweh, my God, your wonders and your devices for us.
(There is nothing to arrange for you.) I will announce them and I will speak.
They are too numerous to count.

ia xdqtç la-cisiti btoç libi amuntç utwuytç amrti
la-cikdti ksdç vamitç lqhl rb
a:-5, b:-3, d:-3, v:-5, i:-9, c:-8, l:-5, m:-3, t:-9,
am: 3, la: 2, tc: 5, tw: 1, wt: 1,
11 Your righteousness I did not cover within my heart. Of your faithfulness and your salvation I have talked.
I have not concealed your mercy and your truth in the congregation of the many.

'tz iwomu yl-yqb bowtm
haomrim li hak hak
a:-3, h:-3, v:-4, i:-3, m:-4,
ak: 2, ha: 3, mr: 1, rm: 1,
16 Let them be desolate foot firmly planted in their shame,
those saying to me, Aha! aha!

b caiil tyrog yl-apiqi-mim
cn npwi tyrog aliç alohim
a:-4, v:-3, i:-8, c:-3, l:-4, m:-3, y:-3,
al: 3, rg: 2, ty: 2, yr: 2,
2 As a hart yearns over a watercourse,
so my being yearns for you, O God.
g xmah npwi lalohim lal ki mtii aboa
vairah pni alohim
a:-8, h:-4, v:-4, i:-8, l:-5, m:-4,
ab: 1, ah: 2, al: 3, ar: 1, ba: 1, hm: 2, la: 2, lh: 2, np: 1, pn: 1, ra: 1,
3 My being thirsts for God, for the living One.
When will I go and see the presence of God?

d vaboah al-mzbk alohim al-al wmkt gili
vaodç bcinor alohim alohii
a:-9, b:-3, h:-4, v:-8, i:-7, l:-7, m:-4,
ab: 1, al: 6, ba: 1, hm: 2, lh: 3,
4 And I will go to the altar of God, to the One who is the gladness of my rejoicing.
And I will thank you on the harp, God my God.

id twimnu krph lwcninu
lyg vqls lsbibotinu
v:-5, i:-4, l:-4, n:-4,
lw: 3,
14 You set us up as a reproach to our neighbours,
derision and ridicule to those around us.
h vhdrç xlk rcb yl-dbr-amt vynvvh-xdq
vtorç noraot iminç
d:-3, v:-8, c:-4, n:-3, r:-5, t:-3,
rc: 3,
5 And let your honour prosper. Ride upon the matter of truth, and gentleness of righteousness,
and let your right hand instruct you in fearful things.
ia hrpu udyu ci-anoci alohim
arum bgoiim arum barx
a:-5, v:-8, i:-5, m:-4, r:-4,
ar: 3, rm: 2,
11 Desist and set down this: I am God.
I will be high in the nations. I will be high in the earth.
i ndibi ymim naspu ym alohi abrhm
ci lalohim mgini-arx maod nylh
a:-6, h:-4, v:-4, i:-8, l:-4, m:-7, n:-4, y:-3,
al: 2, hm: 2, la: 1, lh: 3, ym: 2,
10 The princes of the peoples are gathered, the people of the God of Abraham,
for the shields of earth belong to God, supremacy ascended.
't cawr wmynu cn rainu byir-ihvh xbaot byir alohinu
alohim iconnha yd-yolm slh
a:-6, b:-3, h:-6, v:-9, i:-7, c:-3, l:-4, m:-3, n:-6, y:-5, r:-4,
al: 2, by: 2, cn: 2, hn: 1, lh: 3, nh: 1, yr: 2,
9 As we have heard rightly we will see in the city of Yahweh of Hosts,
in the city of our God. God will establish it for evermore. Selah.
g gm-bni adm gm-bni-aiw
ikd ywir vabion
a:-3, b:-3, i:-6, m:-3, n:-3,
bn: 3, gm: 2,
3 Hey! children of humanity, ho! children, each one of you,
together, rich or needy,

k ak la-pdh ipdh aiw
la-iitn lalohim copro
a:-5, h:-3, v:-3, i:-5, l:-4, p:-3,
al: 1, dh: 2, la: 3, pd: 2,
8 A sibling's ransom can no one of you ransom,
nor give to God the cover-price.

ib qrbm btimo lyolm mwcnotm ldor vdor
qrau bwmotm yli admot
b:-3, d:-3, v:-9, l:-4, m:-8, r:-4, t:-4,
dr: 2, ly: 1, mt: 2, mw: 1, qr: 2, tm: 3, wm: 1, yl: 2,
12 As far as they are concerned, their houses are forever, their dwellings from generation to generation.

They call dust-bowls by their names.
z wmyh ymi vadbrh iwral vayidh bç
alohim alohiç anoci
a:-6, h:-5, v:-5, i:-6, c:-3, l:-3, m:-3, y:-3,
al: 3, lh: 2, my: 1, ym: 1,
7 Hear, O my people, and I will speak, O Israel, and I will witness in you.
I am God your God.

b bboa-aliv ntn hnbia
cawr-ba al-bt-wby
a:-6, b:-6, n:-3,
al: 2, ba: 3, nt: 1, tn: 1,
2 when Nathan the prophet came to him,
as he had come to Bathsheva.
ca az tkpox zbki-xdq yolh vclil
az iylu yl-mzbkç prim
v:-4, z:-4, k:-3, i:-4, l:-5, y:-3,
az: 2, bk: 2, yl: 3, zb: 2,
21 Then you will delight in offerings of righteousness, burnt offering and whole offering.
Then they will offer up young bulls on your altar.
v wm pkdu pkd la-hih-pkd
ci-alohim pizr yxmot konç
hbiwot ci-alohim masm
a:-4, d:-3, h:-5, v:-6, k:-4, i:-7, c:-3, l:-3, m:-6, p:-4,
al: 2, hm: 2, kd: 3, la: 1, lh: 2, pk: 3, wm: 2,
6 There they dread dread where dread is not there,
because God scattered the bones of those armed against you.
You shamed them, because God refused them.
z mi iitn mxion iwuyot iwral
bwub alohim wbut ymo
igl iyqob iwmk iwral
a:-3, b:-4, v:-8, i:-11, l:-4, m:-5, y:-3, w:-6, t:-3,
al: 3, bw: 1, ra: 2, wb: 2, wr: 2,
7 When will the salvation of Israel be given from Zion?
When God turns the captivity of his people,
Jacob will rejoice. Israel will be glad.
cg hwlç yl-ihvh ihbç vhua iclclç
la-iitn lyolm mo't lxdiq
h:-5, v:-5, i:-6, c:-5, l:-8,
cl: 2, lc: 3, ly: 1, yl: 2,
23 Cast your care on Yahweh and he himself will nourish you.
He will never let a righteous one be moved.
d iwlk mwmiim viowiyni kirf woapi slh
iwlk alohim ksdo vamito
a:-3, v:-7, k:-4, i:-11, l:-4, m:-5, w:-5,
lh: 2, lk: 2, mw: 1, wl: 3, wm: 1,
4 He will send from heaven and will save me. He reproached the one bearing down on me. Selah.
God will send his kindness and his truth.
't yurh cbodi yurh hnbl vcinor ayirh wkr h:-4, v:-5, i:-3, y:-3, r:-5,
rh: 3, yr: 3,
9 Be roused my glory. Be roused O lute and harp. I will rouse the dawn.

h kmt-lmo cdmut kmt-nkw
cmo-ptn kirw ia'tm aozno
v:-5, k:-4, m:-6, n:-3, t:-4,
km: 2, mt: 3, tm: 1,
5 Their heat is akin to the heat of a snake.
As the deaf adder plugs his ear,
i b'trm ibinu siroticm a'td
cmo-ki cmo-kron iwyrnu
v:-6, i:-6, c:-3, m:-4, n:-3, r:-4,
cm: 3, rt: 1, rn: 2, tr: 1,
10 Ere your garden-pots discern a brierpatch,
like life, like burning, he will sweep him away.
v vath ihvh-alohim xbaot alohi iwral hqixh lpqod cl-hgoiim
al-tkon cl-bogdi avvn slh
a:-7, h:-9, v:-11, i:-8, l:-8, t:-3,
al: 4, at: 2, cl: 2, lh: 3,
6 But you Yahweh, God of hosts, the God of Israel, awaken to visit all the nations.
Do not be gracious to all those treacherous in mischief. Selah.
ik yuzi aliç azmrh
ci-alohim mwgbi alohi ksdi
a:-4, h:-3, v:-3, i:-7, l:-3, m:-3,
al: 3, lh: 2,
18 O my Strength, to you I will sing a psalm,
for God is my retreat, the God of my kindness.
b bhxoto at arm nhriim vat-arm xobh
viwb ioab viç at-adom bgia-mlk
wnim ywr alf
a:-9, b:-5, h:-3, v:-8, i:-7, m:-6, r:-4, w:-3, t:-4,
ar: 2, at: 3, bh: 2, rm: 3,
2 in his struggle with the Aramaeans of the two rivers and the Aramaeans of Zobah,
when Joab returned and struck Edom in the salt gorge,
twelve thousand.

i moab sir rkxi yl-adom awliç nyli
ylii plwt htroyyi
a:-3, v:-3, i:-7, l:-5, y:-5, r:-3,
lw: 1, wl: 1, yl: 3,
10 Moab my washpot, on Edom I will fling my sandal.
To me Philistia, be jubilant.

ia al-tb'tku byowq ubgzl al-thblu
kil ci-inub
al-twitu lb
a:-3, b:-6, v:-6, i:-4, l:-7, t:-4,
al: 3, bl: 1, bt: 1, tb: 1, lb: 1, tw: 1, wt: 1,
11 Do not trust in oppression or in robbery. Do not become futile.
If wealth profits,
do not set your heart on it.
z ikpwu yolot tmnu kpw mkupw
vqrb aiw vlb ymoq
v:-8, k:-3, m:-3, p:-3, w:-4,
kp: 3, pw: 3,
7 They plan injustice. They complete a master plan,
of the inner person and inscrutable heart.

i pqdt harx vtwoqqha rbt tywrnh plg alohim mla mim
tcin dgnm ci-cn tcinha
a:-5, h:-5, v:-3, i:-5, c:-4, l:-3, m:-5, n:-5, q:-3, r:-3, t:-6,
al: 1, cn: 3, ha: 3, la: 1, nh: 2, tc: 2,
10 You visit the earth and make it bountiful, exceedingly you made it rich. The stream of God is full of water.
You prepare their grain, for so you prepare for her.

h lcu urau mpylot alohim
nora ylilh yl-bni adm
a:-4, v:-6, i:-3, l:-6, m:-3, y:-3,
lh: 2, ra: 2, yl: 3,
5 Walk about and see the works of God,
a fearful prodigality, above the children of humanity.
ib hrcbt anow lrawnu
banu-baw ubmim
vtoxianu lrvvih
a:-5, b:-4, v:-9, i:-3, n:-4, r:-3, w:-3,
an: 3, aw: 2, ba: 2, hr: 1, nw: 1, rh: 1, wn: 1,
12 You made a mortal ride over our heads.
You conduct us through the fire and through the water,
but you have brought us out to saturation.

h iwmku virnnu laumim
ci-twpo't ymim miwor
ulaumim barx tnkm slh
a:-3, v:-8, i:-7, l:-3, m:-9, n:-3, r:-3, w:-3,
am: 2, mm: 3, mk: 1, km: 1, la: 2, mw: 1, wm: 1,
5 Make tribes glad and shout for joy,
for you judge peoples with equity,
and tribes on the earth, you guide them. Selah.
z arx ntnh ibulh
ibrcnu alohim alohinu
a:-3, h:-4, v:-5, i:-4, l:-3, n:-4,
al: 2, hn: 1, lh: 3, nh: 1, nt: 1, tn: 1,
7 Earth has given her produce.
God our God will bless us.
z alohim mowib ikidim bith moxia asirim bcowrot
aç sorrim wcnu xkikh
a:-4, b:-3, h:-3, v:-7, k:-3, i:-11, c:-3, m:-6, r:-4, w:-3,
cw: 1, rm: 2, wc: 1, wr: 3,
7 God seating the solitary in a household, bringing out prisoners into success.
Surely the rebellious will dwell in a scorched place.

't arx rywh af-wmiim n'tpu mpni alohim
zh sinii
mpni alohim alohi iwral
a:-6, h:-5, v:-4, i:-11, l:-4, m:-6, n:-4, p:-3, r:-3, w:-3,
al: 4, ar: 1, mp: 2, hm: 2, lh: 3, pn: 2, ra: 1,
9 earth quaked, also the heavens dropped from the presence of God,
(that is Sinai),
from the presence of God, the God of Israel.
ia kitç iwbu-bh
tcin b'tobtç lyni alohim
b:-4, v:-3, i:-5, c:-3, t:-3,
bt: 2, tb: 1, tc: 3,
11 Those you gave life sit there.
You will establish your goodness for the poor, O God.

ch rau hlicotiç alohim
hlicot ali mlci bqodw
a:-3, h:-3, v:-5, i:-6, c:-4, l:-5,
al: 2, ct: 2, hl: 2, lc: 3, lh: 1, tc: 1,
25 They have seen your processions, O God,
the processions of my God, my king in the sanctuary.
ck wm bnimin xyir rodm wri ihudh rgmtm
wri zbulun wri nptli
v:-4, i:-8, m:-5, n:-4, r:-6, w:-4,
dh: 1, hd: 1, mn: 1, mt: 1, nm: 1, tm: 1, wr: 3,
28 There is diminutive Benjamin, ruler, the nobility of Judah their crowd,
the nobility of Zebulun, the nobility of Naphtali.
l mhiclç yl-iruwlim
lç iobilu mlcim wi
v:-3, i:-7, c:-4, l:-6, m:-4,
cl: 1, lm: 1, lc: 3, ml: 1,
30 Out of your temple at Jerusalem,
to you kings will convey tribute.
h rbu mwyrot rawi wonaii kinm
yxmu mxmitii aoibii wqr
awr la-gzlti az awib
a:-7, b:-3, v:-5, i:-12, m:-5, r:-5, w:-6, t:-3,
aw: 3, mx: 1, xm: 2,
5 More than the hairs of my head are those hating me for nothing,
numerous those who would annihilate me, my enemies false.
What I did not ravage, must I return?

'tz al-tw'tpni wibolt mim val-tblyni mxulh
val-ta'tr-ylii bar pih
a:-5, b:-3, v:-4, i:-7, l:-7, m:-3, t:-4,
al: 3, at: 1, bl: 2, ly: 1, ta: 1, tw: 1, wt: 1, yl: 1,
16 Do not let floods of waters overflow me and do not let depth swallow me.
And do not let a well close her mouth on me.
cd tkwcnh yinihm mraot
umotnihm tmid hmyd
h:-4, v:-3, i:-4, m:-6, n:-3, t:-4,
hm: 3, mt: 1, nh: 3, tm: 1,
24 Let their eyes be darkened from seeing,
and their loins continually unstable.

d iwubu yl-yqb bowtm
haomrim hak hak
a:-3, b:-3, h:-3, v:-4, m:-3,
ak: 2, bw: 1, ha: 3, mr: 1, rm: 1, wb: 1,
4 Let them turn, foot firmly planted in their shame,
those saying, Aha! aha!
ib alohim al-trkq mmni
alohii lyzrti kuwh
a:-3, h:-3, v:-3, i:-5, l:-4, m:-3,
al: 3, rt: 1, lh: 2, tr: 1,
12 O God do not be distant from me,
My God to my help hurry.
i mlci trwiw vaiim mnkh iwibu
mlci wba usba awcr iqribu
a:-4, b:-4, v:-4, i:-9, c:-3, m:-4, r:-3, w:-5,
ba: 2, lc: 2, ml: 2, wb: 3,
10 Kings of Tarshish and the coasts will return with a gift.
Kings of Sheba and Seba with wages will come near.
iz ihi wmo lyolm lpni-wmw iinon wmo vitbrcu bo
cl-goiim iawruhu
v:-10, i:-9, l:-4, m:-5, n:-3, w:-5,
ly: 1, mw: 1, wm: 3, yl: 1,
17 His name will be forever. His name will propagate in the presence of the sun, and they will bless themselves in him.
All nations will call him happy.

ik bruç ihvh alohim alohi iwral
yowh nplaot lbdo
a:-4, h:-5, v:-7, i:-4, l:-5,
al: 3, la: 1, lh: 2,
18 Bless Yahweh God, the God of Israel,
doing wonders he alone.
k imiqu vidbru bry yowq
mmrom idbru
b:-3, v:-6, i:-4, m:-4, r:-4,
br: 3, db: 2, mr: 1, rm: 1,
8 They mock and speak in oppressive evil.
From on high they speak.
'tv ath bqyt myiin vnkl
ath hobwt nhrot aitn
a:-3, h:-4, v:-3, i:-3, n:-4, t:-6,
at: 3, th: 2,
15 You yourself split spring and torrent.
You yourself dried up the perennial rivers.
z ci la mmoxa ummyrb
vla mmdbr hrim
a:-3, v:-3, m:-7, r:-3,
br: 1, mm: 3, la: 2, rb: 1,
7 For not from the going forth or from the setting,
nor from the wilderness, is exaltation.
i bqum-lmwp't alohim
lhowiy cl-ynvvi-arx slh
h:-3, v:-5, i:-3, l:-5, m:-3,
lh: 3,
10 When God arose to judgment,
to save all the afflicted of the earth. Selah.

id alohim bqodw drcç
mi-al gdol calohim
a:-3, d:-3, v:-4, i:-3, c:-3, l:-4, m:-3,
al: 3, hm: 2, lh: 2,
14 God in holiness is your way.
Who is a god as great as God?
c bim drcç uwbilç bmim rbim
vyiqbotiç la nodyu
b:-5, v:-5, i:-6, c:-4, m:-4,
bm: 3,
20 In the sea is your way, and your wake in abundant waters,
and your footprints were not known.
k vla ihiu cabotm dor sorr umorh
dor la-hcin libo
vla-namnh at-al ruko
a:-7, h:-4, v:-12, i:-4, l:-5, m:-3, n:-3, r:-6,
al: 1, dr: 2, la: 3,
8 and not become like their ancestors, a rebellious and provocative generation,
a generation not preparing its heart,
and whose spirit did not believe God.

la vaf alohim ylh bhm vihrog bmwmnihm
ubkuri iwral hcriy
a:-3, b:-3, h:-6, v:-6, i:-6, l:-3, m:-5, r:-4,
al: 2, hm: 3, lh: 2, mw: 1, wm: 1,
31 and the anger of God ascended in them, and slew among their stoutest,
and the chosen of Israel were bowed down.
lh vizcru ci-alohim xurm
val ylion goalm
a:-3, v:-7, i:-4, l:-4, m:-3,
al: 3,
35 And they remembered for God is their rock,
and God the Most High their redeemer.
d hiinu krph lwcninu
lyg vqls lsbibotinu
v:-5, i:-5, l:-4, n:-4,
lw: 3,
4 We have become a reproach to our neighbours,
derision and ridicule to those around us.
i la-ihih bç al zr
vla twtkvvh lal ncr
a:-4, h:-3, v:-3, l:-5,
al: 2, la: 3, tw: 1, wt: 1,
10 There will not be among you a strange god,
and you will not worship an alien god.
a mzmor lasf
alohim nixb bydt-al
bqrb alohim iwpo't
a:-4, b:-4, v:-4, i:-4, l:-4, m:-4,
al: 3, hm: 2, la: 1, lh: 2, mz: 1, zm: 1,
1 A psalm of Asaph.
God takes a stand in the divine assembly,
in the close combat of gods he judges.
k gbl vymon vymlq
plwt ym-iowbi xor
v:-5, l:-3, m:-3, y:-3,
ym: 3,
8 Gebal and Ammon and Amalek,
Philistines with those sitting in Tyre.
k ilcu mkil al-kil
iirah al-alohim bxion
a:-4, v:-3, i:-7, l:-6,
al: 3, kl: 2,
8 They will walk on from wealth to wealth,
and will appear to God in Zion.

't ihvh alohim xbaot wmyh tpilti
hazinh alohi iyqob slh
a:-4, h:-8, v:-5, i:-7, l:-4, t:-3,
al: 2, lh: 3,
9 Yahweh God of hosts, hear my prayer.
Give ear God of Jacob. Selah.
i ci-gdol ath vyowh nplaot
ath alohim lbdç
a:-4, h:-4, v:-5, l:-4, t:-3,
al: 1, at: 3, th: 2, la: 1,
10 For you are great and do wonders,
you O God, you alone.

i ath mowl bgaut him
bwoa gliv ath twbkm
a:-4, b:-3, h:-3, v:-4, m:-3, w:-3, t:-4,
at: 3, bw: 1, th: 2, wb: 1,
10 You yourself govern over the pride of the sea.
When its waves gloat, you yourself soothe them.
i imi-wnotinu bhm wbyim wnh vam bgburot wmonim wnh vrohbm yml vavvn
ci-gz kiw vnyuph
b:-5, h:-5, v:-13, i:-7, m:-8, n:-7, y:-3, w:-6,
bg: 1, bh: 1, gb: 1, hb: 1, mn: 1, nh: 2, nm: 1, nt: 1, tn: 1, wn: 3, ym: 2,
10 The days of our years, in them a seventy year span, and if valiant, an eighty year span, but their boldness is toil and mischief,
for they scurry past, and we fly away.
iz vihi noym adonii alohinu ylinu
umywh idinu connh ylinu
umywh idinu connhu
d:-3, h:-6, v:-14, i:-11, l:-3, m:-3, n:-11, y:-5,
cn: 2, dn: 3, hn: 1, my: 2, nh: 2, wh: 2, yl: 2, ym: 1, yw: 2,
17 And let the pleasure of the Lord our God be upon us,
and the deed of our hands establish upon us,
and the deed of our hands establish.
d yli-ywor vyli-nbl
yli higion bcinor
v:-4, i:-6, l:-4, n:-3, y:-4,
yl: 3,
4 on ten-strings and on a lute,
on meditation with a harp.

i ci hnh aoibiç ihvh ci-hnh aoibiç iabdu
itprdu cl-poyli avvn
a:-4, b:-3, h:-6, v:-8, i:-10, c:-5, n:-3,
ab: 3, bc: 2, hn: 2, nh: 2,
10 For behold your enemies Yahweh, for behold your enemies will perish.
All workers of mischief will be separated.

g nwau nhrot ihvh nwau nhrot qolm
iwau nhrot dociim
a:-3, h:-5, v:-9, i:-4, n:-5, r:-3, w:-3, t:-3,
rt: 3, hr: 3, nh: 3, nw: 2, wa: 3,
3 The rivers have lifted up Yahweh. The rivers have lifted up their voice.
The rivers will lift up their crushing waves.
ib awri hgbr awr-tiisrnu ih
umtortç tlmdnu
v:-4, i:-4, r:-5, t:-4,
aw: 2, rt: 1, tr: 1, wr: 3,
12 Happy the valiant whom you chasten Yah,
and from your instruction you teach them.
'tz mi-iqum li ym-mryim
mi-itiixb li ym-poyli avvn
v:-4, i:-10, l:-3, m:-7, y:-4,
ym: 3,
16 Who will arise for me with the evildoers?
Who station themselves for me with the workers of mischief?
cg viwb ylihm at-aonm ubrytm ixmitm
ixmitm ihvh alohinu
a:-3, h:-4, v:-6, i:-8, m:-7, t:-4,
lh: 2, mt: 2, xm: 2, tm: 3,
23 And he will turn their mischief on them and in their evil, he will annihilate them.
He will annihilate them, Yahweh our God.
k al-tqwu lbbcm cmribh
ciom msh bmdbr
b:-5, c:-3, m:-5,
br: 1, cm: 3, rb: 1,
8 Do not harden your heart in contention,
as if it were the day of temptation in the wilderness,
a wiru lihvh wir kdw
wiru lihvh cl-harx
h:-5, v:-4, i:-5, l:-3, r:-4, w:-4,
lh: 2, wr: 3,
1 Sing to Yahweh a new song.
Sing to Yahweh all the earth.
ig lpni ihvh ci ba ci ba lwpo't harx
iwpo't-tbl bxdq
vymim bamunto
a:-4, b:-5, h:-3, v:-6, i:-6, l:-3, m:-3, p:-3,
ba: 3, pt: 2, wp: 2,
13 in the presence of Yahweh, for he comes, for he comes to judge the earth.
He will judge the world in righteousness,
and the peoples in his faithfulness.
d vyoz mlç mwp't ahb
ath connt miwrim
mwp't uxdqh biyqob ath ywit
a:-3, b:-3, h:-4, v:-5, i:-4, m:-5, y:-3, w:-4, t:-4,
at: 2, th: 2, mw: 3, pt: 2, wp: 2,
4 And the king's strength loves judgment.
You yourself establish uprightness.
Judgment and righteousness in Jacob, you yourself make.

't rommu ihvh alohinu vhwtkvu lhr qodwo
ci-qdow ihvh alohinu
h:-8, v:-14, i:-5, l:-3, w:-3,
al: 2, dw: 2, hn: 2, lh: 3, qd: 2,
9 Exalt Yahweh our God and worship at his holy hill,
for Yahweh our God is holy.
ib crkoq mzrk mmyrb
hrkiq mmnu at-pwyinu
v:-3, k:-3, m:-5, r:-4,
mm: 2, kq: 2, rk: 3,
12 As distant as sunrise is from evening,
so distant from us are our transgressions.

iz vksd ihvh myolm vyd-yolm yl-iraiv
vxdqto lbni bnim
d:-3, v:-8, i:-5, l:-4, m:-4, y:-4,
bn: 2, lm: 2, yl: 3,
17 But the kindness of Yahweh is from everlasting and unto everlasting to those who fear him,
and his righteousness to children's children,
't gbul-wmt bl-iyborun
bl-iwubun lcsot harx
b:-5, v:-6, l:-4,
bl: 3,
9 A border you set up that they will not pass through,
so they will not turn again to cover the earth.
lh viacl cl-ywb barxm
viacl pri admtm
a:-4, i:-3, c:-3, l:-3, m:-3,
ac: 2, cl: 3, mt: 1, tm: 1,
35 And they ate all the herbs in their land,
and they ate the fruit of their ground.

z abotinu bmxriim la-hwcilu nplaotiç la zcru at-rob ksdiç
vimru yl-im bim-suf
a:-5, b:-4, v:-9, i:-9, c:-4, l:-5, m:-5, r:-4, t:-3,
at: 2, bm: 2, mr: 1, la: 3, rm: 1,
7 Our ancestors in Egypt did not have insight into your wonders. They did not remember your many kindnesses,
but they were provocative over the sea, at that sea of reeds.
cg viamr lhwmidm
luli mwh bkiro ymd bprx lpniv
lhwib kmto mhwkit
b:-3, h:-4, v:-5, k:-3, i:-7, l:-5, m:-7, r:-3, w:-4,
hw: 3, dm: 1, lh: 2, md: 2, mw: 1, wh: 1, wm: 1,
23 And he promised to exterminate them,
unless Moses his chosen had stood in the breach in his presence,
to turn away his heat to destroy.
lk viwpcu dm nqi dm-bnihm ubnotihm awr zibku lyxbi cnyn
vtknf harx bdmim
b:-5, d:-3, h:-3, v:-6, i:-7, m:-6, n:-6,
bn: 2, dm: 3, hm: 2, nt: 2, ny: 1, yn: 1,
38 And poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters, which they offered to idols of Canaan,
and polluted the land with blood.
mz howiynu ihvh alohinu vqbxnu mn-hgoiim
lhodot lwm qodwç
lhwtbk bthiltç
b:-3, h:-8, v:-11, i:-6, l:-5, m:-3, n:-4, w:-4, t:-4,
hw: 2, bt: 1, tb: 1, hl: 1, lh: 3,
47 Save us Yahweh our God, and collect us from the nations,
to give thanks to your holy name,
to commend your praises.
g umarxot qibxm
mmzrk ummyrb
mxpon umim
v:-5, m:-9, x:-3, r:-3,
mm: 3, mx: 1, xm: 1,
3 and from lands collected them,
from the sunrise and from the sunset
from the treasured place and from the sea.

'tz ci-wibr dltot nkowt
ubriki brzl gidy
b:-3, v:-3, i:-5, r:-3, t:-3,
br: 3,
16 For he has broken the gateways of brass,
and bars of iron he has chopped.

i moab sir rkxi yl-adom awliç nyli
yli-plwt atroyy
a:-4, v:-3, i:-5, l:-5, y:-5, r:-3,
lw: 1, wl: 1, yl: 3,
10 Moab my washpot, on Edom I fling my sandal.
To me Philistia, I will be jubilant.
a hllu-ih hllu ybdi ihvh
hllu at-wm ihvh
h:-8, v:-5, i:-4, l:-6,
hl: 3,
1 Hallelu Yah. Praise servants of Yahweh.
Praise the name of Yahweh.
k lhowibi ym-ndibim
ym ndibi ymo
b:-3, i:-6, m:-4, y:-3,
db: 2, nd: 2, ym: 3,
8 to make him sit with princes,
with the princes of his people?
z idihm vla imiwun rglihm vla ihlcu
la-ihgu bgronm
a:-3, g:-3, h:-4, v:-6, i:-7, l:-5, m:-4,
gr: 1, hl: 1, hm: 2, la: 3, lh: 1, rg: 1,
7 Their hands and they feel not, their feet and they walk not,
nor do they mutter through their gullet.
k cmohm ihiu yowihm
col awr-bo'tk bhm
h:-4, v:-5, i:-3, m:-4,
hm: 3, mh: 1,
8 Like them their makers will become,
all who trust in them.

ib ihvh zcrnu ibrç
ibrç at-bit iwral
ibrç at-bit ahron
a:-4, b:-5, h:-3, v:-3, i:-7, c:-4, r:-6, t:-4,
at: 2, br: 3, bt: 2, cr: 1, rc: 3, rn: 2,
12 Yahweh remembers us - he will bless.
He will bless the house of Israel.
He will bless the house of Aaron.
id iosf ihvh ylicm
ylicm vyl-bnicm
v:-3, i:-5, c:-3, l:-3, m:-3, y:-3,
cm: 3, lc: 2, yl: 3,
14 Yahweh will add to you,
to you and to your children.

g appuni kbli-mvvt umxri waol mxauni
xrh vigon amxa
a:-5, v:-8, i:-5, m:-4, n:-3, x:-4,
mx: 3, xa: 2, xr: 2,
3 The pangs of death enveloped me and anguish of Sheol found me.
Trouble and sadness I find.
'tz anh ihvh ci-ani ybdç
ani-ybdç bn-amtç
pitkt lmosrii
a:-4, b:-3, h:-3, i:-7, c:-4, n:-4, t:-3,
an: 3, bd: 2, dc: 2, kt: 1, tk: 1, yb: 2,
16 Yahweh beseeching, for I myself am your servant,
I myself your servant and child of your maidservant.
You have loosed my bonds.
cg mat ihvh hiith zat
hia nplat byininu
a:-4, h:-5, i:-6, n:-3, t:-4,
at: 3, ht: 1, th: 1,
23 From Yahweh is this.
It is wonderful in our eyes.
ig bwptii siprti
col mwp'ti-piç
i:-6, p:-4,
pt: 2, wp: 3,
13 By my lips I have recounted,
all the judgments of your mouth.
lv h't-libi al-ydvotiç val al-bxy a:-3, v:-3, i:-3, l:-4,
al: 3,
36 Hearten me to your testimonies and not to extortion.
mk vawa-cpii al-mxvotiç awr ahbti vawikh bkuqiç a:-6, v:-5, i:-6, c:-3, w:-3,
aw: 3, wa: 1,
48 Wave my palms I will to your commandments, which I have loved and I will ponder on your statutes.
pa clth ltwuytç npwi
ldbrç iiklti
i:-4, c:-3, l:-4, t:-4,
lt: 3,
81 Faints my being for your salvation.
Of your word I have hoped.
qiz sydni vaivvwyh
vawyh bkuqiç tmid
v:-5, i:-4, y:-3,
aw: 2, wy: 3,
117 Sustain me and I will be saved,
and I will look to your statutes continually.
qck yl-cn cl-piqudi col iiwrti
cl-aork wqr wnati
v:-3, i:-6, c:-4, l:-4, r:-3, w:-3,
cl: 3,
128 Indeed all your precepts, all I find upright.
Every path of falsehood I hate.
qmg xr-umxoq mxauni
mxvotiç wywuyii
v:-6, i:-4, m:-3, x:-4,
mx: 3, wy: 2, yw: 1,
143 Strain and distress find me out.
Your commandments are my revel.
qyd tabti liwuytç ihvh
vtortç wywuyii
v:-5, i:-5, y:-3, w:-3, t:-5,
rt: 1, tc: 2, tr: 1, wy: 3, yw: 1,
174 To your salvation I have longed to come, Yahweh,
and your instruction is my revel.
g mh-iitn lç umh-iosif lç lwon rmiih h:-3, v:-3, i:-6, l:-3, m:-3,
lc: 2, mh: 3,
3 What gives with you or what next with you deceitful tongue?
v walu wlom iruwlim
iwliu aohbiiç
v:-5, i:-6, l:-4, w:-4,
lm: 2, wl: 3,
6 Ask peace for Jerusalem.
Those who love you will be at ease.
b hnh cyini ybdim al-id adonihm cyini wpkh al-id gbrth
cn yininu al-ihvh alohinu
yd wikonnu
a:-5, d:-5, h:-8, v:-7, i:-13, c:-3, l:-4, n:-10, y:-5,
al: 4, cy: 2, hn: 2, nh: 2, yn: 3,
2 Here! as the eyes of servants to the hand of their masters, as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress,
so our eyes to Yahweh our God,
until he will be gracious to us.
h awri hgbr awr mila at-awpto mhm
ci-idbru at-aoibim bwyr
a:-8, b:-5, v:-5, i:-7, m:-4, r:-5, w:-5, t:-3,
at: 2, aw: 3, br: 2, bw: 2, hm: 1, la: 2, mh: 1, wr: 2,
5 Happy the valiant who filled his quiver with them.
He will not be ashamed,
when he speaks with enemies at the gate.
k vla amru hyobrim brct-ihvh alicm
bircnu atcm bwm ihvh
a:-4, b:-4, h:-5, v:-6, i:-5, c:-4, m:-5, r:-4,
al: 1, br: 3, cm: 2, ct: 1, rc: 2, mr: 1, la: 1, rm: 1, tc: 1,
8 And those going by will not say, The blessing of Yahweh on you.
We bless you in the name of Yahweh.
v hnh-wmynuh baprth
mxanuh bwdi-iyr
h:-5, n:-3,
hn: 1, nh: 3,
6 Here! we heard of it in Ephrata,
and we have found it in the fields of the forest.
ib am-iwmru bniç briti vydoti zo almdm
gm-bnihm ydi-yd
iiwbu lcisa-lç
a:-3, b:-4, d:-4, v:-5, i:-10, c:-3, l:-3, m:-6, y:-3,
bn: 2, dm: 1, lc: 2, md: 1, yd: 3,
12 If your children will keep my covenant and my testimonies that I will teach them,
even their children for ever and ever.
will sit on your throne.

b cwmn h'tob yl-hraw iord yl-hzqn zqn-ahron
wiord yl-pi midotiv
d:-3, h:-4, v:-6, i:-5, l:-3, n:-4, y:-3, r:-4, w:-3,
hr: 2, qn: 2, rd: 2, yl: 3, zq: 2,
2 As the finest oil on the head running down on the beard, even Aaron's beard,
running down on the collar of his shirt.
a hllu-ih hllu at-wm ihvh
hllu ybdi ihvh
h:-8, v:-5, i:-4, l:-6,
hl: 3,
1 Hallelu Yah. Praise the name of Yahweh.
Praise O servants of Yahweh,
ia lsikon mlç hamori ulyog mlç hbwn
ulcol mmlcot cnyn
v:-7, c:-5, l:-7, m:-5, n:-4,
cl: 1, lc: 4, ml: 3, ny: 1, yn: 1,
11 So Sihon king of the Amorites, and so Og king of fruitful Bashan.
and so all the kings of Canaan,
ik cmohm ihiu yowihm
col awr-bo'tk bhm
h:-4, v:-5, i:-3, m:-4,
hm: 3, mh: 1,
18 Like them become those who make them,
all who trust in them.

iz lmch mlcim gdolim
ci lyolm ksdo
v:-3, i:-3, c:-3, l:-5, m:-5,
cm: 1, lm: 3, ly: 1, mc: 1, ml: 1, yl: 1,
17 and he struck great kings,
because forever is his kindness,
g ci wm walunu wobinu dbri-wir vtollinu wmkh
wiru lnu mwir xion
v:-10, i:-8, l:-4, m:-3, n:-5, r:-4, w:-7,
mw: 1, wm: 2, wr: 3,
3 For there our captors asked us the words of a song, and our tormentors mirth.
"Sing to us a song of Zion"
b awtkvvh al-hicl qodwç vaodh at-wmç yl-ksdç vyl-amitç
ci-hgdlt yl-cl-wmç amrtç
a:-6, d:-4, h:-4, v:-6, i:-3, c:-9, l:-7, m:-4, y:-3, w:-4, t:-5,
am: 2, cl: 2, dw: 1, mc: 2, tc: 2, wd: 1, wm: 2, yl: 3,
2 I will worship in your holy temple and give thanks to your name over your kindness, and over your truth,
for you magnify your promise over all your name.
ib gm-kowç la-ikwiç mmç
vlilh ciom iair
ckwich caorh
a:-3, h:-3, v:-4, k:-3, i:-7, c:-7, l:-3, m:-4, w:-3,
ar: 2, cm: 1, kw: 3, mc: 1, wc: 3,
12 even darkness is not darkness from you,
and night like day enlightens,
as darkness as light.
id aodç yl ci noraot npliti
nplaim mywiç
vnpwi iodyt maod
a:-4, d:-3, v:-6, i:-7, c:-3, l:-3, m:-3, n:-4, y:-3, p:-3, t:-3,
ad: 2, am: 1, ma: 1, np: 3, pl: 2,
14 I will thank you for fearfully I am reserved.
Wonderful your deeds,
as my self knows in full.
d al-t't-libi ldbr ry lhtyoll ylilot brwy at-aiwim poyli-avvn
ubl-alkm bmnymihm
a:-5, b:-5, v:-6, i:-7, l:-11, m:-5, y:-6, r:-3, t:-4,
al: 2, bl: 1, br: 2, hm: 1, lb: 1, mh: 1, yl: 3,
4 Do not bend my heart to a word of evil, wantonly wanton in wickedness with others, workers of mischief,
and let me not partake in their pleasures.

h hb't imin urah vain-li mcir
abd mnos mmni
ain dorw lnpwi
a:-4, v:-4, i:-8, m:-5, n:-6, r:-3,
an: 2, mn: 3,
5 Take note on the right and see. There is no one recognizing me.
Haven perished beyond me.
There is no one searching for my being.

't alohim wir kdw awirh lç
bnbl ywor azmrh-lç
a:-3, h:-3, i:-3, l:-4, r:-4, w:-4,
bn: 1, lc: 2, nb: 1, rh: 2, wr: 3,
9 O God, a new song I will sing to you.
On a ten-stringed lute I will sing a psalm to you.
ib awr bninu cn'tiyim mgudlim bnyurihm
bnotinu czvviiot
mku'tbot tbnit hicl
b:-5, v:-10, i:-10, c:-3, m:-5, n:-7, t:-5,
bn: 4, bt: 1, tb: 2, nt: 3, tn: 1,
12 that our sons may be as plants developed in their youth,
with our daughters as cornerstones,
dressed in the manner of a temple,
ig mzvvinu mlaim mpiqim mzn al-zn
xannu malipot mrubbot bkuxotinu
a:-4, b:-3, v:-10, z:-3, i:-6, l:-3, m:-8, n:-6, t:-3,
al: 2, am: 1, la: 1, zn: 3, ma: 1, mz: 2,
13 so our granaries are full furnished from kind to kind,
our sheep by thousands, to ten thousands in our streets,
id alupinu msublim
ain-prx vain ioxat
vain xvvkh brkobotinu
a:-5, b:-3, v:-11, i:-7, n:-5, x:-3,
an: 3,
14 our droves bearing burdens,
without breach without sally,
without complaint in our piazzas.
ig mlcutç mlcut cl-yolmim
ummwltç bcl-dor vdor
namn ihvh bdbriv
vksid bcol mywiv
b:-4, d:-4, v:-12, i:-5, c:-7, l:-7, m:-8, r:-3, t:-3,
bc: 2, bd: 1, cl: 3, ct: 2, db: 1, lm: 1, dr: 2, mm: 2, lc: 2, ml: 2, tc: 2,
13 Making your reign a reign for every era,
and your governance in all generations.
Note that faithful is Yahweh in his words,
and merciful in all his deeds.
ik qrob ihvh lcl-qoraiv
lcol awr iqrauhu bamt
a:-4, h:-3, v:-7, i:-3, l:-4, q:-3, r:-4,
cl: 2, lc: 2, qr: 3, ra: 2,
18 Quick is Yahweh to all calling him,
to all who call him in truth.

k hmcsh wmiim bybim hmcin larx m'tr
hmxmik hrim kxir
h:-5, i:-7, m:-9, x:-3, r:-4,
by: 1, hm: 3, mc: 2, mx: 1, rx: 1, xm: 1, xr: 1, yb: 1,
8 who covers the heavens with thick clouds, who prepares rain for the earth,
who makes grass grow on the hills,
a hllu-ih hllu at-ihvh mn-hwmiim
hlluhu bmromim
h:-8, v:-6, i:-5, l:-6, m:-6,
mm: 2, hl: 3, mr: 1, lh: 1, rm: 1,
1 Hallelu Yah. Praise Yahweh from the heavens.
Praise him on the high ground.
d hlluhu wmi hwmiim
vhmim awr myl hwmiim
h:-5, v:-3, i:-6, l:-3, m:-8, w:-4,
hw: 2, mm: 3, hl: 1, lh: 1, wm: 3,
4 Praise him the heaven of heavens,
and the waters which are above the heavens.

ig ihllu at-wm ihvh ci-nwgb wmo lbdo
hodo yl-arx vwmiim
h:-4, v:-7, i:-5, l:-4, m:-4, w:-4,
wm: 3,
13 Let them praise the name of Yahweh, for set on high is his name, his alone,
his splendour over earth and heaven.
a hllu-ih wiru lihvh wir kdw
thilto bqhl ksidim
h:-6, v:-4, i:-7, l:-5, w:-3,
dw: 1, hl: 3, lh: 1, wd: 1, wr: 2,
1 Hallelu Yah. Sing to Yahweh a new song.
His praise in the congregation of the-many who are under mercy.
a hllu-ih hllu-al bqodwo
hlluhu brqiy yuzo
h:-5, v:-8, l:-7,
hl: 3, lh: 1,
1 Hallelu Yah. Praise God in his holiness.
Praise him in the expanse of his strength.

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