Monday, July 20, 2020

The Trussing of Isaac

This score was created last month. I had forgotten I had done it. I had also forgotten, though I knew it was there, the original post for this episode. I was easy to find because it is the only post on this blog where you will find 'trussed' as a gloss. (At least it was until now.) What is unique in the Bible must be unique in the translation.

How can I possibly compare an English rendition of this song with the Hebrew singing noted in that post?

I have set the voice of God and the voice of Isaac with the same trio of forces. SAA. This is a trinity of hope that the practice of child sacrifice may be removed from the lexicon of human activity. But the English speech rhythm has to be performed by a baritone of considerable skill, as is the Hebrew performance. It is beyond my ability to simulate this with a synthesizer.

Now if you bring up the pdf in full screen and listen to the Hebrew while following the score, you can wonder if the English can be rendered. You will see plenty of decisions in the management of a different language rhythm. I have also changed the mode for the last phrases.

This is what I have been doing in part during this blogging silence. Besides this music for what I have called the Pentecost project, and setting Ruth 1 in a process of preparing it for a solo performance, I have been deeply into the 'letters' of the psalms examining the code that allows me to translate the haser text of the WLC to the malé (unpointed) text for conversion to SimHebrew. This has been a nightmare of coding. But the algorithms are simplifying and may yield something of the mind of modern Hebrew compared to the medieval.

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