Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Psalm 119 SimHebrew with sharpened tools

After several weeks of programming, my conversion of Psalm 119 to SimHebrew with what I have learned from transforming the WLC to a malé unpointed text has resulted in many changes to the Psalm that I published at the beginning of the month. [refreshed again after examining 100 or so differences, and again as a retest fixing the internal spaces in the verse 'alphabets' greater than q.]
a awri tmimi-drç
hholcim btort ihvh.
1 All joy for the complete of the way,
who walk in the instruction of Yahweh.
b awri noxri ydotiv bcl-lb idrwuhu.
2 All joy for those observing his testimonies. With a whole heart they search him out.
g af la-pylu yvvlh
bdrciv hlcu.
3 Also they do not work injustice,
in his ways they walk.
d ath xivvit piqudiç lwmor maod.
4 And you commanded your precepts to keep in full.
h aklii iiconu drcii lwmor kuqiç.
5 Ah that established were my ways to keep your statutes.
v az la-abow
bhbi'ti al-cl-mxvotiç.
6 And then I would not be ashamed,
to take note of all your commandments.
z aodç biowr lbb
blomdi mwp'ti xdqç.
7 And I will thank you with an upright heart,
when I learn the judgments of your righteousness.
k at-kuqiç awmor
al-tyzbni yd-maod.
8 And your statutes I will keep.
Do not forsake me in full for ever.
't bmh izch-nyr at-aorko
lwmor cdbrç?
9 But how will a youth clear his path,
to keep it according to your word?
i bcl-libi drwtiç
al-twgni mmxvotiç.
10 By all my heart I have searched you out.
Do not let me stray from your commandments.
ia blibi xpnti amrtç
lmyn la ak'ta-lç.
11 By my heart I have treasured your promise,
in order that I will not sin against you.
ib bruç ath ihvh lmdni kuqiç.
12 Blessed are you Yahweh. Teach me your statutes.
ig bwptii siprti
col mwp'ti-piç.
13 By my lips I have recounted,
all the judgments of your mouth.
id bdrç ydvotiç wwti cyl cl-hon.
14 By the way of your testimonies I joy as above all value.
'tv bpiqudiç awikh
vabi'th aorkotiç.
15 By your precepts I will ponder,
and I will take note of your paths.
'tz bkuqotiç awtywy
la awck dbrç.
16 By your statutes I will revel,
nor will I forget your word.
iz gmol yl-ybdç akih vawmrh dbrç.
17 Grow your servant. I will live and keep your word.
ik gl-yinii vabi'th
nplaot mtortç.
18 Give discovery to my eyes,
and I will take note of wonders in your instruction.
i't gr anoci barx
al-tstr mmni mxvotiç.
19 Guest I am on the earth,
do not hide from me your commandments.
c grsh npwi ltabh
al-mwp'tiç bcl-yt.
20 Ground down is my being for longing,
for your judgments at all times.
ca gyrt zdim arurim
hwogim mmxvotiç.
21 Giving, you rebuke the presumptuous, cursed,
straying from your commandments.
cb gl mylii krph vbuz
ci ydotiç nxrti.
22 Get from me reproach and contempt,
for your testimonies I have observed.
cg gm iwbu wrim bi nidbru
ybdç iwik bkuqiç.
23 Grand sultans sat. Against me they spoke.
Your servant will ponder on your statutes.
cd gm-ydotiç wywuyii anwi yxti.
24 Grand your testimonies and my revel. They are my personal counsels.
ch dbqh lypr npwi
kiini cdbrç.
25 Dust-cleaved is my being.
give me life according to your word.
cv drcii siprti vtynni lmdni kuqiç.
26 Declared have I my ways and you answered me. Teach me your statutes.
cz drç-piqudiç hbinni
vawikh bnplaotiç.
27 Direct my discernment in the way of your precepts,
and I will ponder on your wonderful works.
ck dlph npwi mtugh
qiimni cdbrç.
28 Drips my being with sadness.
Raise me according to your word.
c't drç-wqr hsr mmni
vtortç konni.
29 Deceitful way put aside from me,
and with your instruction grace me.
l drç-amunh bkrti
mwp'tiç wivviti.
30 Deliberated have I a way of faith.
With your judgments I have agreed.
la dbqti bydvotiç
ihvh al-tbiwni.
31 Determined I cleave to your testimonies.
Yahweh, do not put me to shame.
lb drç-mxvotiç arux
ci trkib libi.
32 Directed by your commandments I will race,
for you enlarge my heart.
lg hvrni ihvh drç kuqiç vaxrnh yqb.
33 Help me learn Yahweh the way of your statutes and I will observe with foot firmly planted.
ld hbinni vaxrh tortç vawmrnh bcl-lb.
34 Have me understand and I will observe your instruction, and I will keep it with a whole heart.
lh hdricni bntib mxvotiç
ci-bo kpxti.
35 Have me go in the pathway of your commandments,
for in it I have delighted.
lv h't-libi al-ydvotiç val al-bxy.
36 Hearten me to your testimonies and not to extortion.
lz hybr yinii mraot wva
bdrcç kiini.
37 Hide my eyes from seeing vanity.
In your way give me life.
lk hqm lybdç amrtç
awr liratç.
38 Hold high to your servant your promise,
which is to your fear.
l't hybr krpti awr igorti
ci mwp'tiç 'tobim.
39 Hide my reproach that I am afraid of,
for your judgments are good.
m hnh tabti lpiqudiç
bxdqtç kiini.
40 Here I have longed for your precepts.
In your righteousness give me life.
ma viboauni ksdiç ihvh
twuytç camrtç.
41 Well come to me is your mercy, Yahweh,
your salvation as your promise.
mb vaynh korpi dbr
ci-b'tkti bdbrç.
42 With which I will answer a word to one reproaching me,
for I trust in your word.
mg val-txl mpi dbr-amt yd-maod
ci lmwp'tiç ikltii.
43 Word of truth do not remove from my mouth utterly,
for of your judgments, I have hope.
md vawmrh tortç tmid lyolm vyd.
44 Watch over your instruction I will continually forever and ever.
mh vathlch brkbh
ci piqudiç drwti.
45 Walk in a spacious room I will,
for your precepts I have searched out.
mv vadbrh bydotiç ngd mlcim vla abow.
46 Words I will have of your testimonies before kings and I will not be ashamed.
mz vawtywy bmxvotiç awr ahbti.
47 Wherefore my revel will be in your commandments which I have loved.
mk vawa-cpii al-mxvotiç awr ahbti vawikh bkuqiç.
48 Wave my palms I will to your commandments, which I have loved and I will ponder on your statutes.
m't zcor-dbr lybdç
yl awr ikltnii.
49 You remember a word to your servant,
on which you give me hope.
n zat nkmti byonii
ci amrtç kiitni.
50 Yes - this is my comfort in my poverty,
for your promise gives me life.
na zdim hlixuni yd-maod
mtortç la n'titi.
51 Yet though the presumptuous hold me in much scorn,
from your instruction I have not swerved.
nb zcrti mwp'tiç myolm ihvh vatnkm.
52 Your judgments I bring to remembrance from of old Yahweh and I comfort myself.
ng zlyph akztni mrwyim
yozbi tortç.
53 Yang of fire grasps me from the wicked,
forsaking your instruction.
nd zmirot hiu-li kuqiç bbit mgurii.
54 Yin of psalms your statutes have become to me in the house where I am guest.
nh zcrti blilh wmç ihvh
vawmrh tortç.
55 Your name I have remembered in the night, Yahweh.
I have kept your instruction.
nv zat hiith-li
ci piqudiç nxrti.
56 You are mine,
for your precepts I have observed.
nz klqi ihvh amrti lwmor dbriç.
57 Chosen share, mine you are, Yahweh. I have promised to keep your word.
nk kiliti pniç bcl-lb
konni camrtç.
58 Craved have I your presence with a whole heart,
be gracious to me according to your promise.
n't kiwbti drcii
vawibh rglii al-ydotiç.
59 Considered have I my ways,
and turned my feet to your testimonies.
s kwti vla htmhmhti
lwmor mxvotiç.
60 Came quickly I did and I would not linger,
to keep your commandments.
sa kbli rwyim yivvduni
tortç la wckti.
61 Companies of the wicked continue around me.
Your instruction I have not forgotten.
sb kxot-lilh aqum lhodot lç
yl mwp'ti xdqç.
62 Come midnight I arise to give thanks to you,
over the judgments of your righteousness.
sg kbr ani lcl-awr irauç
ulwomri piqudiç.
63 Companion am I to all who fear you,
and are keepers of your precepts.
sd ksdç ihvh mlah harx kuqiç lmdni.
64 Covenant mercy yours, Yahweh, has filled the earth. Your statutes you will teach me.
sh 'tob ywit ym-ybdç
ihvh cdbrç.
65 Too well you have dealt with your servant,
Yahweh, through your word.
sv 'tub 'tym vdyt lmdni
ci bmxvotiç hamnti.
66 Teach me good taste and knowledge,
for in your commandments I have believed.
sz 'trm aynh ani wogg
vyth amrtç wmrti.
67 Time past, afflicted I was going astray,
but now your promise I have kept.
sk 'tob-ath um'tib lmdni kuqiç.
68 Too good are you and doing good. Teach me your statutes.
s't 'tplu ylii wqr zdim
ani bcl-lb axor piqudiç.
69 The presumptuous smear falsehood over me.
As for me, with a whole heart I will observe your precepts.
y 'tpw cklb libm
ani tortç wiywyti.
70 Their heart is grossly inert.
As for me, in your instruction I will revel.
ya 'tob-li ci-yuniti
lmyn almd kuqiç.
71 That I was afflicted is good for me,
so I will learn your statutes.
yb 'tob-li tort-piç
malpi zhb vcsf.
72 The instruction of your mouth is good to me,
more than thousands in gold and silver.
yg idiç ywuni viconnuni
hbinni valmdh mxvotiç.
73 Your hands have made me and established me.
Give me understanding and I will teach your commandments.
yd iraiç irauni viwmku
ci ldbrç ikltii.
74 Yes - those who fear you when they see me will be glad,
for of your word I have hoped.
yh idyti ihvh ci-xdq mwp'tiç
vamunh yinitni.
75 Yet I know Yahweh that righteous are your judgments,
and in faithfulness you afflicted me.
yv ihi-na ksdç lnkmni
camrtç lybdç.
76 Your mercy to comfort me, may it be,
according to your promise to your servant.
yz iboauni rkmiç vakih
ci-tortç wywuyii.
77 You will come to me in your compassion and I will live,
for your instruction is my revel.
yk ibowu zdim ci-wqr yivvtuni
ani awik bpiqudiç.
78 Yon presumptuous will be shamed for in falsehood they subverted me.
As for me, I will ponder on your precepts.
y't iwubu li iraiç
viodyi ydotiç.
79 You will let those who fear you turn to me,
and those knowing your testimonies.
p ihi-libi tmim bkuqiç
lmyn la abow.
80 Yea, let my heart be complete in your statutes,
so I will not be ashamed.
pa clth ltwuytç npwi
ldbrç ikltii.
81 Faints my being for your salvation.
Of your word I have hoped.
pb clu yinii lamrtç
lamor mtii tnkmni?
82 Faint my eyes for your promise,
saying, When will you comfort me?
pg ci-hiiti cnad bqi'tor
kuqiç la wckti.
83 For I have become like a bottle in vapour.
Your statutes I have not forgotten.
pd cmh imi-ybdç
mtii tywh brodpii mwp't?
84 For how are the days of your servant?
When will you do judgment against my persecutors?
ph cru-li zdim wikot
awr la ctortç.
85 For me the presumptuous dig ditches,
that are not of your instruction.
pv cl-mxvotiç amunh
wqr rdpuni yozrni.
86 Faithful are all your commandments.
In falsehood they persecute me. Help me.
pz cmy't ciluni barx
vani la-yzbti piqudiç.
87 For scarcely they consume me in the earth,
but as for me, I do not forsake your precepts.
pk cksdç kiini
vawmrh ydut piç.
88 For your mercy give me life,
and I will keep the testimony of your mouth.
p't lyolm ihvh
dbrç nixb bwmiim.
89 LORD (Yahweh) forever your word,
stands firm in heaven.
t ldor vdor amuntç
connt arx vtymod.
90 Lo from generation to generation is your faithfulness.
You established earth and she stands.
ta lmwp'tiç ymdu hiom
ci hcol ybdiç.
91 Living in your judgments they stand this day,
for they all are your servants.
tb luli tortç wywuyii
az abdti byonii.
92 Love, unless your instruction is my revel,
then I have perished in my poverty.
tg lyolm la-awck piqudiç
ci bm kiitni.
93 Let me never forget your precepts,
for in them you have made me live.
td lç-ani howiyni
ci piqudiç drwti.
94 Love, to you I myself belong, save me,
for your precepts I have searched out.
th li qivu rwyim labdni
ydotiç atbonn.
95 Lying in wait for me to make me perish are the wicked.
Your testimonies I will understand.
tv lcl-tclh raiti qx
rkbh mxvvtç maod.
96 Lo, to all consummation I saw an end.
Very spacious are your commandments.
tz mh-ahbti tortç
cl-hiom hia wikti.
97 My - how I love your instruction.
All the day long it is my pondering.
tk maoibii tkcmni mxvotç
ci lyolm hia-li.
98 Making me wiser than my enemies by your commandment,
for it is mine forever.
t't mcl-mlmdii hwclti
ci ydvotiç wikh li.
99 Midst all my teachers I have insight,
for your testimonies are my pondering.
q mzqnim atbonn
ci piqudiç nxrti.
100 More than the aged I understand,
for your precepts I have observed.
qa mcl-aork ry clati rglii
lmyn awmor dbrç.
101 Missing every path of evil I have restrained my feet,
so that I will keep your word.
qb mmwp'tiç la-srti
ci-ath horitni.
102 Mid your judgments I have not been stubborn,
for you yourself have instructed me.
qg mh-nmlxu lkici amrtç mdbw lpi.
103 More than gratifying to my palate, your promise than honey to my mouth.
qd mpiqudiç atbonn
yl cn wnati cl-aork wqr.
104 Minding your precepts I have discernment,
therefore I have hated every path of falsehood.
qh nr-lrgli dbrç
vaor lntibti.
105 Nigh a lamp to my feet is your word,
and light to my pathway.
qv nwbyti vaqiimh
lwmor mwp'ti xdqç.
106 Now I have sworn and I will arise to it,
to keep the judgments of your righteousness.
qz nyniti yd-maod
ihvh kiini cdbrç.
107 Near to much poverty am I, Yahweh.
Give me life according to your word.
qk ndbot pi rxh-na ihvh
umwp'tiç lmdni.
108 Now may you accept, Yahweh, the freewill offerings of my mouth,
and your judgments teach me.
q't npwi bcpi tmid
vtortç la wckti.
109 Now my being is in the palm of my hand continually,
and your instruction I have not forgotten.
qi ntnu rwyim pk li
umpiqudiç la tyiti.
110 Netted the wicked a snare for me,
but from your precepts I did not wander.
qia nklti ydvotiç lyolm
ci-wwon libi hmh.
111 Near are your testimonies, my inheritance forever,
for the joy of my heart are they.
qib n'titi libi lywot kuqiç lyolm yqb.
112 Nuanced have I my heart to do your statutes, forever with foot firmly planted.
qig sypim wnati
vtortç ahbti.
113 Schismatics I hate,
and your instruction I have loved.
qid stri umgini ath
ldbrç ikltii.
114 Secret mine and my shield are you.
Of your word I have hoped.
q'tv suru-mmni mryim
vaxrh mxvot alohii.
115 Stay from me, you evildoers,
for I will observe the commandments of my God.
q'tz somcni camrtç vakih
val-tbiwni mwbri.
116 Support me according to your promise so I will live.
Let me not be ashamed of my reliance.
qiz sydni vaivvwyh
vawyh bkuqiç tmid.
117 Sustain me and I will be saved,
and I will look to your statutes continually.
qik slit cl-wogim mkuqiç
ci-wqr trmitm.
118 Suspended have you all who stray from your statutes,
for falsehood is their deceit.
qi't sigim hwbt cl-rwyi-arx
lcn ahbti ydotiç.
119 Swill you eradicated all the wicked of the earth,
so I have loved your testimonies.
qc smr mpkdç bwri
ummwp'tiç irati.
120 Shivers from your dread my flesh,
and your judgments I fear.
qca ywiti mwp't vxdq
bl-tnikni lyowqii.
121 I have dealt judgment and righteousness.
Do not leave me to those oppressing me.
qcb yrob ybdç l'tob
al-iywquni zdim.
122 Insure your servant for good.
Do not let the presumptuous oppress me.
qcg yinii clu liwuytç
ulamrt xdqç.
123 I - I - my eyes - faint for your salvation,
and for the promise of your righteousness.
qcd ywh ym-ybdç cksdç vkuqiç lmdni.
124 I ask you to deal with your servant according to your mercy, and your statutes to teach me.
qch ybdç-ani hbinni
vadyh ydotiç.
125 I am your servant, let me understand,
that I may know your testimonies.
qcv yt lywot lihvh
hpru tortç.
126 It is time to act, Yahweh.
Your instruction they have thwarted.
qcz yl-cn ahbti mxvotiç
mzhb umpz.
127 I have loved your commandments therefore,
above gold and above pure gold.
qck yl-cn cl-piqvdi col iwrtii
cl-aork wqr wnati.
128 Indeed all your precepts, all I find upright.
Every path of falsehood I hate.
qc't plaot ydvotiç
yl-cn nxrtm npwi.
129 Plentiful of wonders are your testimonies,
therefore my being will observe them.
ql ptk dbriç iair mbin ptiim.
130 Penetration of your words gives light, giving understanding to the simple.
qla pi-pyrti vawaph
ci lmxvotiç iabti.
131 Parting mouth, gaping, I sigh heavily,
for to your commandments is my longing.
qlb pnh-alii vkonni
cmwp't laohbi wmç.
132 Put your face to me and be gracious to me,
for judgment to those who love your name.
qlg pymii hcn bamrtç
val-twl't-bi cl-aovn.
133 Prepare my footfalls in your promise,
and do not let any mischief dominate me.
qld pdni myowq adm
vawmrh piqudiç.
134 Pray ransom me from the oppression of a human,
and I will keep your precepts.
qlh pniç har bybdç
vlmdni at-kuqiç.
135 Pyre your face on your servant,
and teach me your statutes.
qlv plgi-mim irdu yinii
yl la-wmru tortç.
136 Pouring streams of waters descend from my eyes,
that they do not keep your instruction.
qlz xdiq ath ihvh
viwr mwp'tiç.
137 So righteous you are, Yahweh,
and upright are your judgments.
qlk xivvit xdq ydotiç
vamunh maod.
138 Set you have the righteousness of your testimonies,
and much faithfulness.
ql't ximttni qnati
ci-wcku dbriç xrii.
139 Stricken I was for my zeal,
for my foes forgot your words.
qm xruph amrtç maod vybdç ahbh.
140 Supremely refined is your promise and your servant loves it.
qma xyir anoci vnbzh
piqudiç la wckti.
141 Small am I and despised.
Your precepts I have not forgotten.
qmb xdqtç xdq lyolm
vtortç amt.
142 Saving righteousness, yours, is righteousness forever,
and your instruction is truth.
qmg xr-umxoq mxauni
mxvotiç wywuyii.
143 Strain and distress find me out.
Your commandments are my revel.
qmd xdq ydvotiç lyolm hbinni vakih.
144 Such righteousness of your testimonies forever let me understand, and I will live.
qmh qrati bcl-lb ynni ihvh kuqiç axorh.
145 Queried I with a whole heart, answer me Yahweh. Your statutes I will observe.
qmv qratiç howiyni
vawmrh ydotiç.
146 Queried I you, save me,
and I will keep your testimonies.
qmz qidmti bnwf vawvvyh
ldbrç ikltii.
147 Quested I in a twilight hour and I cried for help.
Of your word I have hoped.
qmk qidmv yinii awmurot
lwik bamrtç.
148 Quested my eyes in the night watches,
to ponder on your promise.
qm't qoli wmyh cksdç
ihvh cmwp'tiç kiini.
149 Quest of mine, hear for your mercy, Yahweh.
In your judgments give me life.
qn qrbu rodpi zimh
mtortç rkqu.
150 Quite near are those pursuing an agenda.
From your instruction they are distant.
qna qrob ath ihvh
vcl-mxvotiç amt.
151 Quite near are you, Yahweh,
and all your commandments are truth.
qnb qdm idyti mydotiç
ci lyolm isdtm.
152 Quite from of old I knew from your testimonies,
for you founded them forever.
qng rah-yonii vklxni
ci-tortç la wckti.
153 Regard my poverty and rescue me,
for your instruction I do not forget.
qnd ribh ribi ugalni
lamrtç kiini.
154 Reason my reason and redeem me.
Of your promise give me life.
qnh rkoq mrwyim iwuyh
ci kuqiç la drwu.
155 Remote from the wicked is salvation,
for your statutes they do not search out.
qnv rkmiç rbim ihvh
cmwp'tiç kiini.
156 Richly abundant are your compassions Yahweh.
According to your judgments give me life.
qnz rbim rodpii vxrii
mydvotiç la n'titi.
157 Running after me are many foes.
From your testimonies I do not swerve.
qnk raiti bogdim vatqo't'th
awr amrtç la wmru.
158 Regarding the treacherous I was upset,
that your promise they disregard.
qn't rah ci-piqudiç ahbti
ihvh cksdç kiini.
159 Regard for your precepts I love Yahweh.
According to your mercy give me life.
qs raw-dbrç amt
ulyolm cl-mwp't xdqç.
160 Right true is your word,
and forever is every judgment of your righteousness.
qsa wrim rdpuni kinm
umdbrç pkd libi.
161 Sultans persecute me for nothing,
but from your word my heart stands in dread.
qsb ww anoci yl-amrtç
cmoxa wll rb.
162 Singing I joy over your promise,
as finding abundant spoil.
qsg wqr wnati vatybh
tortç ahbti.
163 Scandal I hate and abhor.
Your instruction I love.
qsd wby biom hilltiç
yl mwp'ti xdqç.
164 Seven times a day do I praise you,
for the judgments of your righteousness.
qsh wlom rb laohbi tortç
vain-lmo mcwol.
165 Such abundant peace to those who love your instruction,
and there is for them no stumbling.
qsv wibrti liwuytç ihvh
umxvotiç ywiti.
166 Steadfast my reliance on your salvation Yahweh,
and your commandments I have done.
qsz wmrh npwi ydotiç
vaohbm maod.
167 Shelters my being your testimonies,
and I love them much.
qsk wmrti piqudiç vydotiç
ci cl-drcii ngdç.
168 So I shelter your precepts and your testimonies,
for all my ways are before you.
qs't tqrb rinti lpniç ihvh
cdbrç hbinni.
169 To your presence let my shout of joy come near, Yahweh.
According to your word, give me understanding.
qy tboa tkinti lpniç
camrtç hxilni.
170 To your presence let my supplication come.
According to your promise deliver me.
qya tbynh wptii thilh
ci tlmdni kuqiç.
171 Tumbling from my lips is praise,
for you have taught me your statutes.
qyb tyn lwoni amrtç
ci cl-mxvotiç xdq.
172 Tongue of mine will answer your promise,
for all your commandments are righteous.
qyg thi-idç lyozrni
ci piqudiç bkrti.
173 There your hand will be to help me,
for your precepts I have chosen.
qyd tabti liwuytç ihvh
vtortç wywuyii.
174 To your salvation I have longed to come, Yahweh,
and your instruction is my revel.
qyh tki-npwi uthllç
umwp'tiç iyzruni.
175 To live let my being and it will praise you,
and from your judgments you will help me.
qyv tyiti cwh aobd bqw ybdç
ci mxvotiç la wckti.
176 Time and again I wander like a newborn lamb that is perishing. Seek your servant,
for your commandments I do not forget.

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