Monday, 17 June 2019

Lullaby for an infant humanity

The incarnation role in my oratorio is taken by the harp. Here is a duet for the harp and alto (who must be wisdom) with an optional soprano second part at the end. After hearing yesterday's reading for Trinity, I clearly saw this passage would fill a hole in my design, a hole that I had created by moving Psalm 19 to day 1. So I looked at it and what do you know, it formed itself into a lullaby.

Verse 23 has an astonishingly simple shape. It has no mid-verse rest but is simply g, f#, e. "From everlasting I have offered libation from the beginning, out of the precedents of earth." It shares this phrase with Psalms 76:5. "Light-giving you are more excellent than mountains of prey."

 I have begun a presentation of Jonah based on the music of the accents - we'll see if it turns out. Allow me a few months elapsed time. I am just working on the storm scene. I think chapter 2 will provide some hilarity and at least one moral chorus.

Jonah is ready (July 27)
Unleashing Leviathan here. (unleashed?)

Much more to do when I find performers...

Composers - look here - hundreds of pages of inspirational possibilities - you too could write an oratorio! Or a song - using the melodies that are written into the Biblical text.

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