Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Owen Chadwick Funeral

I don't think I saw this on any Biblioblog sites. On July 17, Owen Chadwick died. His funeral was on August 3.

You can read the address by Sir David Harrison here. The address by Robert Hardy will appear shortly there or you can read it here.

Here's some advice from him to us who read ancient texts
'St Augustine said you need to be a friend of a man before you understand him. So by analogy is our relation to men of the past, societies of the past, even documents in the archives. You may suspect, you ought to suspect them all as sure to mislead you vilely unless your critical sense is ever alert; but they do it (for the most part) by their inadvertence or partial vision. You need no white paint; you need to try to see things as they were. But you need to be inside their minds and to forget the future which they could not know, and to come towards them with the openness of mind, the readiness to listen, which a man gives to a friend'. 

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