Saturday, June 13, 2015

Project status

I have been posting mostly about flowers recently but I have not been idle. I have a new powerful computer and it takes time to set it up. Translation has stopped until I get my forms established on the new box complete with a separate installation of Oracle and GX-Leaf - so I can even make mods to the software if I think it wise (probably not since I don't know javascript, but maybe...)

The installation has gone well so far, but I can't figure out how to do remote desktop to or from the New computer. It is Windows 8.1 and so different from all other boxes on the network. And I don't have various programs installed on it (lost most license keys in the home debris). But the main GX-Leaf and Oracle software is installed and the key back-end functions and procedures that I wrote are working in a redesigned data environment. Over the next few weeks I will elaborate my forms. I could export and import them but I may just redevelop from scratch - a good test of all usage, ideas, and the software.

There is a new version of Seen from the Street available. My editor has designed a new cover, and I have added an aide for reading by including a date for each of the 49 episodes. It will help the process of e-reading. I have looked at epub, PDF, and the Kindle - they are all quite good for the process. I like being able to search electronically and to have a full e-toc as well. (Wait till tomorrow to get the new edition on Amazon - it's in process - takes 12 hours for them to do it.) Additional formats are available here.