Monday, June 15, 2015

David and Goliath again

We are going to perform this at St Barnabas next Sunday - 5 of us. With parts allocated in the PDF as outlined below. If you would like to perform it, be our guest - and let us know how it goes in your congregation in a comment - have fun. It is not like current beheadings, because it is a boy doing the killing.

The analogy of Jesus destroying by death him who has the power of death for our sakes is a strong one in this passage. The impetuous David reminds me of Mark's Jesus immediately doing this and that. The five stones are of course the 5 books of Moses, and so on - eisegete to your heart's content. And as to the shepherd's secret personal pouch, his bag, the כלִי, it has its mystery.

And here is the second part if you chose the entry and exit we expect to use. Perform in word rhythm and with gusto.

At rehearsal, we decided the drones were not going to work without more rehearsal time than we have. So there are four parts, David, Saul, the Philistine, and the Narrator. The narrator is doing all the narration - not as noted in the complex timbres in the score. This skill is not quickly learned.

This is a rehearsal and teaching MP3, not a performance.