Monday, July 7, 2014

How do we respond to the readings of the Gospels when we leave stuff out?

Here is the lectionary for Matthew this week. Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
Do you notice anything missing? Yes - the citation of the passage from Isaiah at his calling Isaiah 6:9-10. Should we read these hard passages? Do we apply them to ourselves or only to the others? The lesson only includes the parable and the explanation- as if the congregation is only to be spoon-fed.

One way to avoid being deaf is to not read and not listen at all. I suspect this passage is omitted because it can be read as anti-Jewish. But it should be read as anti-me - so that my eyes might not be shut and my ears not plugged.

What was Isaiah's intent? He wanted the government to wake up? I wonder, is such a thing possible? Has Indonesia woken up to the reality of the street artists in its streets, or will this film Jalanan also be a flash in the pan? [I can't find where I heard of this - it was in the last few days on a newscast].

Here's what the Canadian director says of the film.
Their story is also meant as a provocative mirror through which we, in the more affluent part of the world, can reflect on our own lives and values, learning from the day-to-day perspectives and wisdom of the characters in Jalanan. Ho’s favorite mantra – as he bids farewell to bus passengers after entertaining them (or outraging them) with his songs, is that “Life must be fully lived!”
Here's the whole essay from the director, Daniel Ziv.