Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

This long film is quite a lesson in how the body works and how wrong the food supply has been and continues to be these past 30 years. I was very surprised to see that fructose is a toxin. The only reason it is OK in fruits is that fruits have plenty of fiber to go with it so the 'alcohol without the buzz' is mostly carried out of the system by the fiber rather than metabolizing into the body as fat. As he says in the course, when G-d put a poison into our food, he also included the antidote with it.

Another odd thing I noted from his comment - "you don't exercise to burn calories". You can't do it. You exercise to (if I remember) decrease tension, and get the metabolism working faster so that the body is better able to remove waste.

I don't drink soft drinks (except in the odd G&T) but I do like all those sauces even on my delicious tofu burgers! Most of us, I am sure, are largely unaware of what goes on in the processes of assimilating food. Whew! What a complex of issues.