Thursday, May 15, 2014

Discipline, persistence, love for the other, repentance

Away for 7 days and 300 posts accumulate in my reader. I don't read these on my mobile and I deliberately did not take a computer to NYC. But some of them were good - and some of the good ones I won't catch up on - unless you tell me to. Here are a few that intrigued me -

  1. Larry Hurtado teaches on Early high Christology. The comment sections are really interesting in that they come from Christian readers who are just learning to read. See the linked post and the two prior ones. 
  2. Rachel Held Evans intends to blog on the Common Lectionary. Now why didn't I think of this! I think I may try and do something. That would get me out of the Psalms for a bit.
  3. Larry Behrendt at Jewish Christian Intersections has some good thoughts on the NT as usual. My comment there is reflected in the title of this post. He asks what is a good Jew? The question has many good comments. Diana and I had done the Jewish-Christian intersection by attending both Temple Emanu-El on Fifth Avenue and St Thomas' a few blocks away. (Sarah came with us to the temple where one of her colleagues was playing.) The teaching from Torah on Friday surpassed the rather weak sermon at Evensong on Sunday (Sarah was on her way back to the UK by this time). Christians are not well trained in reading the Old Testament.
  4. Oh and I mustn't forget Christopher Page - I responded to him this morning, hopefully not making myself too obnoxious.
There's a cop-out. I report on just over 1% of the posts I missed. If you posted and I missed it (May 5 to 13), let me know.