Saturday, July 27, 2013

Help - I need somebody - help! not just anybody

Help - a plea for some more input on the music - The not just anybody means someone who is a musician, knows about cantillation practice, maybe a theologian too...

A draft of an article for an online journal is here - it is on the music implicit in the te'amim. What do you think? It is not due for a while yet (2Q2014) - but what could I do to add to it?  David Mitchell's article cited within is already excellent - but you know - you write an article and it gets seen and then forgotten.  At least this paper advertises his article if nothing else.

The journal is for religion, media, and digital culture. I have already submitted a draft for 1Q2014 of my first article on the text of the psalms and presenting the same from a database. (Draft text is available if you would like to read and critique it. Be part of the peer review team. Please leave a comment that I can send a link to if interested.)

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