Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who - whoo? said the wise owl

Messin' about with a 'nother subject I don't usually comment on - but James McGrath posted this nice interview with George Lucas - and I thought a bit about Lucas's subtle shape-shifting comments and this jumped into my mind and dripped from my fingers.
Lucas writes: "Evolution is a product of intelligent design" - that's a good one. We know what 'is a product of' is right? And we know 'intelligent' (O yeah). And we can distinguish 'design' from accident - maybe. And 'evolution' - mindless shape-shifting through origami - this is intelligent? - able to predict / able to remember? 
Is Lucas, I wonder, a bit too close to the God of the Gaps? 'Everything we don't know is "intelligent design." Everything we do know is science.' (It's a good shape-shifting answer.) 
Even that word 'know' is too hard for us. But we have the knowledge of good and evil - so let's get with the Gospel: justice and equity for the poor and the marginalized. Judgment to shame for the exploiters and the oligarchs and the men of violence.
Justice without violence? This is sense.
Noise without atmosphere? Big bang? Non-sense. 
I am a 67 year old holograph with 24D Branes manipulating my strings by field formations that I cannot see - being only a three-D critter with inference for prediction and fading memory.
Critter? Who critted me? Them branes, - them branes, them wet branes.
Do you see how the knowledge of good and evil is then Gospel! Since we know it - we can do something about it. We can do justice and love mercy and walk humbly with yr nD-Brane. (Micah 6:8)