Thursday, January 17, 2013

Collecting blurbs for the dust cover

from Johannes Kepler's book called Harmony of the Worlds, Dr. Paul Teel whose PhD is in the Philosophy of Science and who teaches Mathematics and Christian Living at Pacific Christian School in Victoria writes to me: I am sure there are times you have felt as he does here:
I feel carried away and possessed by an unutterable rapture over the divine spectacle of the heavenly harmony. 
Indeed, I give myself up to sacred frenzy. I sneeringly defy mortals by the following public avowal: I have plundered the golden vessels of the Egyptians, in order to furnish a sacred tabernacle for my God out of them far from the borders of Egypt. If you pardon me, I am happy. If you are angry with me, I bear it. 
I am writing a book for my contemporaries or — it does not matter — for posterity. It may be that my book will wait for a hundred years for a reader. Has not God waited 6000 years for an observer?
So Paul then writes of my book Seeing the Psalter:
When Johannes Kepler discovered the laws of planetary motion, he wrote that God had waited 6000 years for an observer. We can be thankful that the authors of the Psalms didn’t have to wait nearly as long for Bob MacDonald. He has somehow managed to combine the poet’s love of words with the mathematician’s love of structure. While his analysis of the psalms allows us to see (quite literally) their organization and focus, his careful, low-punctuation translation draws us into the life-giving art of these sometimes difficult but always beautiful poems.
Book is now shipping. If interested in Victoria - let me know at my stenagmois gmail acct.