Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Psalm 2 - music from the te'amim

The problems with this process are many.  The worst is that I have no way of checking my results.  Then I can't really tell what accidentals to use.  And I think I will need to become much more familiar with online manuscripts - since I won't be visiting Leningrad or anywhere else that soon.

Here is Psalm 2 - just the Hebrew for now. This post is replaced. Go here. I had what seems to have been a Chrome caching problem.

remember, note values are largely irrelevant. Just use syllable rhythm.  There were fewer differences than Psalm 1 (two or three) in the Hebrew editions for these 12 verses.

Tell me if the marks in the Hebrew fail to correspond with the notes.  I think I will do a bunch of the Hebrew ones and see if there are sound patterns that can be discerned.

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