Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bob, couldn't you be more polite?

O my friends, how kind of you not to sever me severely. I have degenerated into name-calling.  I called HJ (that's Historical Jesus) folks fundamentalists.  My comment got lost on BLT - fortunately.  But it printed here on the Liturgy blog - a good place.

I expect there is code in the html in comment-land that prevents one from copying one comment and turning it into another. I realized when I was typing how contextually conditioned our comments are - and how sloppy blogging is.

Just listen to those adjectives - sloppy blogging -

Jesus has a wife and is able to keep her.

(in contrast to some famous nursery kingdoms, aka Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater.)

I cannot possibly collect all the inane (ed. another adj.) links that talk about this. See here for a list.  Even for one being treated by hormone therapy (and chocolate) for cancer, knows that life is more than following links.

Beloved - those who say God is merciful and who promote violence are not doing the truth.

Those who say that 47% are dependent on government do not recognize that they - the caught-in-the-act-of-arrogance speakers - are dependent for their wealth on the exploitation and cooperation of at least the same 47% - more likely 94%.

I am not of the 99% but equally, I am small enough to be understood. I do not speak in billions (Psalm 131:1). Nor do I take money from cigarette sales like some famous church-men. My wealth does not cause cats to riot.

Beloved - it is a costly bloody price that the bridegroom paid for his wife. (Exodus 4:25)

Sing it

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