Thursday, September 20, 2012

Names and Numbers of the Notes in the Hebrew

I have Suzanne Haik-Vantoura's book, The Music of the Bible Revealed, on inter-library-loan, the American edition along with a useful post-face (the opposite of a pre-face) by Jonathan Wheeler.

In this post-face, he associates each of the names of the signs for the te'amim with a verse where the root word is used. SHV describes how she at first ignored the meaning of the names but later came to recognize them as a clue to her deciphering of the note values of the signs. In a series of posts, I will explore these names and what the text of the Psalms (or other book) might teach us about the music.

My own need was to find the decimal value of the signs so I can use them in extended html - making them accessible to copy and paste operations in order to correct the text I have available to me.  The names and decimal Unicode values are below. Note how random the sequence is.  There are several doubles, allowing e.g. an ornament to be placed over the left or right half of the syllable. This is said to have musical significance as well - but let me consider the rules of transcription more before I attempt an explanation.

NameTextGenesisPsalmsNameTextover B
ב֧ DargaConCב֒ SegolDis2A-B-A
ב֛ TevirDis3Dב֓ ShalsheletI2
ב֪ Yerach ben yomo/ galgalConD#ב֔ Zaqef qatanDis2A-B
בֽ Sof pasuq/ silluqDis1E tonicEב֕ Zaqef gadolI2A-G-B
ב֥ MerchaConFF#ב֗ Revia/revi’i Dis3B-A-B
ב֖ TifchaDis2G#G(#)ב֮ ZarqaDis3A-c-B
ב֑ Etnaḥta Dis1 mid-verse, pause / restAA(#)ב֙ PashtaDis3 - may be doubledc-B
ב֣ MunachConBBב֡ PazerDis4d-c-B
ב֤ MahpachConcc#ב֟ Qarne farah/ pazer gadolDis4
ב֣׀ Munach legarmehConב֠ Telisha gedolahDis4e-d-c-B
ב֦ Mercha kefulahConב֩ Telisha qetannahDis4c-d-e-B
ב֚ YetivI3ב֜ Geresh/azlaDis4d-B
ב֞ GershayimI4d-B d-B
ב֨ QadmaDis4see Pashta
decimal codes from 1425 to 1479 (1488 is aleph)
20ב֑ ב֒ ב֓ ב֔ ב֕
30ב֖ ב֗ ב֘ ב֙ ב֚ ב֛ ב֜ ב֝ ב֞ ב֟
40ב֠ ב֡ ב֢ ב֣ ב֤ ב֥ ב֦ ב֧ ב֨ ב֩
50ב֪ ב֫ ב֬ ב֭ ב֮ ב֯ בְ בֱ בֲ בֳ
60בִ בֵ בֶ בַ בָ בֹ בֺ בֻ בּ בֽ
70ב־ בֿ ב׀ בׁ בׂ ב׃ בׄ בׅ ב׆ בׇ

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