Monday, June 11, 2012

Other interests

My last printed copy of my draft is 10 days old, more than peas porridge in the pot, and I have only made maybe 150 words worth of changes - less than 0.1% and most of those were based on an algorithm to find two and three word repetitive figures in the Psalter.

I do have other interests. Steve Becker's bridge column in the Globe and Mail did not appear for my weekly column fix on Saturday, so I subscribed to Bobby Wolfe's blog, a disciplined one post a day that is quite delightful. Here is the latest.

Other than that I think I want to write about the imagery in the NT and the way it relates to the Writings. I was going to start with Matthew 18:10. I wonder ...

There's a very interesting conversation going on here. My last comment was done from my blackberry while my leech was drawing its monthly blood.

Other conversations have been pointed out that are extensive but more like ships passing in the night than conversation. So no link from me.  Where are the debaters of the age?