Monday, November 21, 2011

Psalm 1 and 26

I made a comment months ago on Poetry of Christ that Psalms 26 and 1 were closely related. Here is the pattern of word usage between the two of them. Psalm 26 opens with the request for judgment. Psalm 1 ends with being able to stand in such. Do you think the poet was reading Psalm 1 as he composed Psalm 26?

Selected words occurring in each of psalms --1,-26

Word and gloss * first usage12345678910VsStem
* אשׁרי happy
* אשׁר who
* לא does not
הלך walk
* רשׁעים the wicked
* חטאים sinners
* לא does not
עמד stand
* ובמושׁב and in the seat of
* לא does not
* ישׁב sit
* אשׁר that
* לא does not
וכל and in all
* אשׁר that
* לא not
* הרשׁעים the-many wicked
* אשׁר that
* לא they will not
יקמו arise
* רשׁעים the wicked
במשׁפט in the judgment
* וחטאים nor sinners
* רשׁעים those wicked
שׁפטני judge me
* הלכתי have walked
לא --
* והתהלכתי and I have walked
לא not
ישׁבתי I have sat
לא not
רשׁעים the wicked
לא not
אשׁב I will sit
כל all
ומקום and the -place of
חטאים sinners
אשׁר whose
עמדה stands