Saturday, April 17, 2010

A wannabe?

John has an open and inviting approach to the seeker - noted here. John where are you coming from? From the desert? I hope so. Being all things to all people. Our conversation is unspeakable apart from parable. I am sorry but there is no time for me to engage in the intellectual comparison of two 'religions'. Time is infinite and it is precious. It belies economics.

I wrote to my friend today - one whom I have not been in contact with for nearly 50 years. Suddenly I have friends who are not moved by intellect but by Spirit. The intellect follows - it cannot precede. Grace only precedes. We do not reason our way into life. We live therefore we reason.

I am not a wannabee - I am. So some arguments are irrelevant: creation-evolution - an Adamic herring. Gay-straight - a distraction of prejudgment. Abortion - a presumption of knowledge. God is not found here. But all these things change when God is found - and not the way you think they should.

Right now if you read me, you know I am reading a bad sermon - but now I see that even a bad sermon from a profligate ruler who should have known better, is a gift of grace. There is something new that is not futile.