Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank you dear readers

You must have linked to the right place now. Not to be too proud but my one month alexa rating has dropped 9 million points. Finally Dust is ahead of my older blogs - which I continue to maintain by the way because they do contain a history of my learning. (And a few maybe important things. Even my old personal homepage has some stuff that may help the lone individual tilting at windmills and other things).

This month a friend has started to read my 5 year old manuscript to see if it is helpful and editable. Maybe I will get a second book out in my lifetime. (You don't really want to know about the first c 1987 - but it had a great cover: Fish and Scales by Escher.)

This article on translation is lovely! HT AFS Here's a brief extract from a great paragraph on the nature of living languages:
Like surly adolescents, they push against the limits imposed by an academic world they never made, and are in a state of perpetual rebellion.  They are clearly more than accumulations of discrete lexical items, correct formulations, or acceptable syntax, and the impact of their words is variable, multi-faceted, and resonant with innumerable connotations that go far beyond first, or even fourth and fifth dictionary definitions.

Right on - translation is not traitorous but a creative communication with another soul locked in the printed word.