Monday, March 15, 2010


Such a dither! Where will I write. The other now bloated blogs are still all there and backed up. Some day I will have to move a sub-domain when I retire from my work or they decide that I must move. That's where there are a few hundred diagrams from earlier research.

I will begin this blog for the third time, with a new translation of the Song of Solomon. (And flowers - I still have to collate and collaborate on the Hawaii pictures and the spring is getting ahead of me!) I will also continue here my story-telling of Ruth. I think there is an emerging something or other but I want to explore some more of the 5 scrolls (Ruth, Lamentations, Song, Qohelet, and Esther) before trying to tell such a story. Anyway, following the 'Desire of all Nations' חֶמְדַּת כָּל־הַגֹּויִם is my task.  May we desire the good, whether singular or plural.