Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Song and commitment

I have not spun out all the implications of a comment I just made here. The comment was made after reading the Pope's address to Ireland which I referenced in my previous post. Il Papa has too many adjectives - but it is an article worth reading. He does point to the source of healing. God makes the best out of the worst. So I share with the shepherd his hope in his pointing to the wounds of Jesus. (I do have some concerns about the article.)

Is there commitment in the Song?
The Song represents for me the commitment of the Lord of Hosts and El Shaddai to me as if I was alone in the world. The commitment is represented in the shared cost of love (who is this that comes up from the desert – 2x) and in the charge at the end of parts 1 and 2 and the expectation of part 5 where the names of God are hidden in the sound of the animals.
If the priests of the church had understood this commitment there would be no scandal today.
Too bold? Too late? Too simple? Or have we no way to open ears or redeem the time? Of course I am not alone in the world or in the churches, but I do not worship by rote, nor did I come into worship by inertia or without a severe and radical break with my self through the cost of death. In all that remains to me, I must lean on my Beloved.