Saturday, November 30, 2019

Output of musical endeavours since April, roughly speaking

Here is the list I needed. I put it into a database because it is very confusing to handle. About 52 short pieces, 42 of them in 2 collections. Some with varying instrumentation.

If I can get some inspiration from these tropes - these musical phrases, in 9 months of experimenting, at the same time studying Gradus ad Parnassum and various music books I had long forgotten about, surely there are other 'real' composers who have been composing all their lives who can also.

My latest is a barbershop quartet version of Psalm 96. I could use some feedback from a real quartet - tell me if it is singable!

These are all available on my YouTube channel here.

Let me know if you think you would like to perform them for real. I would like to work with some performers. I am looking locally.

I can help with anyone who would like to work on new material, all 929 chapters, 23000+ verses are available in music XML or PDF format online - look at the music page.
Chapter, Verse
Part of
2 SAMUEL1:19-27quintetstringsElegyHebrew
ISAIAH9:1carolSATB, percussionA baby is bornEnglish or Hebrew
ISAIAH12chorussoprano SATB, congregationYou will draw waterEnglish(live performance)
JONAH1-4storySATB harp or string suiteStoryEnglish
PSALMS33chorusSATB harpShout for JoyHebrew
PSALMS96chorustenor TTBBSing to Yahweh a new songEnglish
SONG1chorusSATBLet him kiss meHebrewSong 1
SONG2:1-7chorusSATBSong, part 1 continuedHebrewSong 2a
LAMENTATIONS1:1-4chorusSATB, orchestra or organ + timpaniAlephEnglishMay become part of U-L (31) below
QOHELET3:1-15chorusSATB, stringsTo everything there is a seasonEnglish
PSALMS6:3chorusSATBKyrie eleisonGreekMissa brevis 1
ISAIAH6:3chorusSATBSanctusLatinMissa brevis 2a
PSALMS118:25-26chorusSATBBenedictusLatinMissa brevis 2b
ISAIAH53:7,12bchorusSATBAgnus DeiLatinMissa brevis 3
GENESIS1:1-5recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe first day (see playlist) Documented with score here.HebrewUnleashing Leviathan
PSALMS19:1-7recit, chorussoprano, SATBThe heavens recount the glory of GodEnglishU-L-02
JOB1:1,19-22recit, chorustenor, SATBThe man from UzEnglishU-L-03
JEREMIAH20:7recitbass, harpYou have seduced meHebrew or EnglishU-L-04
JOB3:3recittenor, harpPerish! day when I was bornEnglishU-L-05
JEREMIAH20:14-17duetbass, harpLet it be darknessEnglishU-L-06
JOB3:4-8duettenor, harpLet it be darknessEnglishU-L-07
PSALMS110:1,2, 5-7choraleSATB, organAn oracleEnglishU-L-08
GENESIS1:6-8recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe second dayHebrewU-L-09
PROVERBS8:1-4,22-24,27,29-32, 34-35ariasoprano, alto, SATB, harp, percussionLullaby for an Infant HumanityEnglishU-L-10
JOB38:1-2chorussoprano, SATB, harpAnd Yahweh answered JobEnglishU-L-11
JOB38:4-7chorusSATB, harpWhere were youEnglishU-L-12
PSALMS111:1-3choraleSATB, organHallelujah, I will thank YahwehEnglishU-L-13
PSALMS112:1-3choraleSATB, organHallelujah, A happy person fears YahwehEnglishU-L-14
GENESIS1:9-13recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe third dayHebrewU-L-15
PSALMS24ariaalto, SATB, harpThe earthEnglishU-L-16
JOB38:1recitsoprano, harpAnd Yahweh answered JobHebrew or EnglishU-L-17
JOB38:8-11chorusSATB, harpOr who screened in OceanEnglishU-L-18
PSALMS113choraleSATB, organPraise, servants of YahwehEnglishU-L-19
GENESIS1:14-19recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe fourth dayHebrewU-L-20
PSALMS8:4:7ariatenor, organ, harpFor I see your heavensEnglishU-L-21
JOB38:31-32chorusSATB, organThe Pleiades, Orion, and the Great BearEnglishU-L-22
PSALMS115:16chorusSATB, organThe heavens’ heavensEnglishU-L-23
GENESIS1:20-23recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe fifth dayHebrewU-L-24
JOB7:12chorusSATB, harpAm I the sea or a dragon?EnglishU-L-25
JOB40:15-19chorusSATB, organBehemothEnglishU-L-26
PSALMS114:1-3achoraleSATB, organRedemptionEnglishU-L-27
PSALMS115:1choraleSATB, organNot to us, YahwehEnglishU-L-28
GENESIS1:24-31recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe sixth dayHebrewU-L-29
JEREMIAH4:23-27duetsoprano bass, harpI saw the land + GenesisEnglish and HebrewU-L-30
PSALMS144:3trioATB, harpWhat is this humanity + Psalm 8EnglishU-L-32
JOB7:17,19trioATB, harpWhat is this humanity + Psalm 8EnglishU-L-33
JOB41chorusSATB, harpLeviathanEnglishU-L-34
PSALMS116ariasoprano SATB, harpYahweh heardEnglishU-L-35
GENESIS2:1-3recitsoprano, harp, unison chorusThe seventh dayHebrewU-L-36
PSALMS92ariaalto SATB, harpto the SabbathEnglishU-L-37
PSALMS117ariasoprano SATB, wood blockPraise, all nationsEnglishU-L-38
PSALMS150choraleSATB, harp, wood block, organ, trumpet, timpaniPraise, all breath-bearingEnglishU-L-39

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