Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nice essay on Christos in Galatians - NTW

"Paul has given that single Abrahamic family a name: Christos."

This works well - finally a clear rebuttal of Christ as a second name for Jesus. Anointing, Messiah, and Christ are all the same word. Participation in Christ is key, critical, and provides identity that contains both suffering and glory. This is the work of God who in all creation is one who bears with and suffers the consequences of the behaviour of the created order of birthed children in this world we inhabit. (For God as suffering, see The Suffering of God by Terrence Fretheim, a book I should pay more attention to and report on.)

NT Wright's whole essay is here - worth the read. So also is AKM Adam's series on language, particularly the one I tweeted a bit about today. So let's not think we know automatically what Christ means - let's just be the glass of water, the visitor in sickness, the comfort that is needed wherever we can be present to another as God is present to us.

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