Sunday, June 29, 2014

Do you have to be a philosopher to live?

Just for fun I decided to finish Ecclesiastes 12 in the music. It's online in the usual place. It supported my laziness from my youth. There were several questions I did not want to address - so that many books could be written and much learning be a weariness of the flesh suited me just fine. Eventually though I did do some homework.

But being a programmer - you know that laziness is my first name. I would rather work for days to find a repeatable solution than actually solve a problem by brute force. I think it takes real faith to read the Bible closely - because your lifetime is not long enough to finish it. And it's only a small library - somewhere around 66 books depending on how many you include and how you count them.

Anyway - Ecclesiastes is fun. My earlier posts on it get thousands of hits - why? I think it's all the funky transcriptions I included, confuses the search engines.

It's good to read an awkward translation, even a bad one - it makes you think.

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