Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Mystical experience

I have rarely if ever written on the mystical. But perhaps the time is coming and now is when I must try. I have been reading a little on certain traumatic time warps - rather nice article here where he notes:
And ultimately, of course, what religion is really about is nothing, since we are nothing but meaningless, statistically organized matter bouncing around in empty, dead space.
 This materialistic view of all reality will not hold even if one is a scientist. The gaps in our scientific 'knowledge' are great and are greater than our capacity in the mode that science observes. Well - what then?  (Read the response to the review of this article as well).

Why would I pursue the setting of the Song of Solomon to ancient musical form? Answer: so that we don't pursue 'meaning' with our blinkers on and our ears plugged.  If we are to seek 'meaning' without being demeaning, without forcing the reduction of narrative to our limits, then we will have to be entranced into it, immeasurably moved out of our measurable universe.

Thanks to April Deconnick for the links. There are a couple more links on her post but if and when I write, I doubt that I would take any of these avenues of  'explanation'. I did earlier attempts as story - but they don't seem very promising to me any more. I am too ignorant of the story-telling craft and I fear too many possible misreadings.  But it must be important to me because it keeps me going...

By the way - I am not so sure that mystical is a good term for whatever it is I want to move into. There is no lack of incarnation.