Friday, April 18, 2014

More philosophers - Heidegger

It appears that my last post recapitulates Heidegger. If you can see this pdf, it explains the New Hermeneutic on the Psalms at 50. True to say also that my book uses this new hermeneutic. (Hermeneutics involves the way in which God's Word becomes clear to humanity. Paraphrased from Raymond Brown.)

Having not read Heidegger or Brown, it is nice to see that God can work without specific scholars and still get a response in some random human like me without the human having to memorize a spiel. I.e. my faith fits onto the Scriptures regardless of my training by other humans though that might often help. You can see though, that human training can also hinder and provide blinders as Kirk explains here. It appears to me that there is no substitute for letting faith grow in you. Logic won't do the trick. Anyone afraid of being deceived must take heed to their own logic. Provability is unfortunately off the table. (But don't neglect science either.)