Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prosopological Exegesis

I wonder how two words could be so specific and so important. This pair of words suggests that Trinitarian theology arises from exegesis. I was serious in my rendering of faces in my poetic translation of the psalms (Seeing the Psalter 2013). I was closer than I thought to a very important thought experiment. This is to be pursued.

I read about this in Sue Gillingham's book, The Psalms through the Centuries p.29, [book very valuable but overpriced - whatever happened to print on demand?] which I have retrieved again from the library for a second look. Just Google this phrase - the results are very specific. Lots to consider here. The consistent message of Scripture is 'with', God with us, as Spirit, as Presence, Incarnate.

Psalm 11:7
for יהוה is a righteous one
he loves righteousness
his faces gaze on the upright