Saturday, January 4, 2014

In Memory of Iyov, beloved scholar and correspondent

I am reviewing the several blogs and essays I have written online these past 18 years. Yes - since 1996 when 'online' was a toddler.

As often, I am stopped by my correspondence with the mysterious Iyov. Our initial conversation is here as a response to my snippet on Neale and Littledale:
It seems to me that what is there in the Psalms is the same as what is in the New Testament - the offer and the reality of relationship - mysterious and incarnate - now as then and for ever. In this I find myself unable to consider even the discussions of Paul in the last 60 years as really approaching the mystery. Explanation will not do as a substitute for understanding. To the extent that discussion of law separates the doing and the hearing, the form and the action, the obedience and the presence - to that extent, the law becomes a substitute for the reality of relationship. (My emphasis). 
Scholars have written much on Paul. See the review of NT Wright's latest work at Catholicity from Doug Chaplin here.

Iyov eventually shared with me that at the time elusive PDF on meaning and interpretation, The Four Senses of Scriptural Interpretation and the Mediaeval Theory of Preaching, online here.

The rest of my history of writing, is it not contained in the annals of Internet. Maybe some day I will summarize it. I would also like to do J. M. Neale greater justice by reading his great tome, links here.