Sunday, September 29, 2013

Videos available for Seeing the Psalter

There are currently several videos available and in production related to Seeing the Psalter.
  • The first was given live at the conference on Digital Media and Sacred Text in London at The Open University in June 2013. It is here on you-tube. It had also been presented earlier to high school students at Pacific Christian School and between services on Sunday morning at Spokane Cathedral.
  • The second is the first of a series of 6 lectures, [now all done] all the rest of which are in various stages in my office. The six are intended as an online course - which I also hope to deliver in my home base and to anyone who wishes on the road.  But equally, I am preparing course material so that the sessions could be run by individuals and groups anywhere.
These with Power Point slides can be made available to anyone who wants to teach the psalms. They are designed to be used over a period of six weeks by a group of students. There is substantial homework and workshop time. Let me know if you are interested at stenagmois at

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