Monday, September 23, 2013

Continuing work on a course on the Psalms

I think this could be run remotely or with other instructors than me (obviously a different flavour). But here is a full PP drafted - 54 slides at present over 6 2 hour sessions. Could do 5 or 6 consecutive evenings or 5 or 6 weeks in a row - but need time for the homework which is extensive, the intent being that people might really learn to love reading the psalms.

Here's the link. Isn't there an alter ego of mine out there who loves the psalms and could give some substantial feedback - with not a few challenges - like Bob - it's too much?

I am just reading William L. Holladay The Psalms through Three Thousand Years, Prayerbook of a Cloud of Witnesses.  There's a lot of it that I like, and a few chapters I have skipped so far, and also a few places where I disagree with his criticism. The title makes it sound like Susan Gillingham's book (Psalms through the Centuries) from 2008 but hers is quite different.

Holladay may have placed some of the psalms into their rough dates - but the evidence seems very tenuous to me. I don't read the psalms this way - and I find it a bit of a turn-off as if I were reading something that had nothing to say to me today - and who knows maybe that's my problem. Maybe there is no solution to the human predicament short of mutual self-destruction. I have not chosen to believe such a statement.