Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Reading, reading reading, and listening

I am not writing (!)

I will spend a month in my discernment period, reading and listening. Here's the reading list so far - help me add to it if you like.

Terrien, A strophic and theological commentary on the Psalms (not my favorite but I am giving him a second chance to reveal his assumptions).
Gillingham - two books,
  • the first is all the papers from the Oxford Psalms Conference, Jewish and Christian Approaches to the Psalms, Conflict and Convergence - samples here.
  • the second her Blackwell commentary, Volume 1 on the reception history of the Psalms, Psalms through the Centuries.
Both of these are full of delights.

Listening: - I am listening to Caird's lectures as advertised by Mark Goodacre here. Lecture 3 is delightful - and shows me how NT theology is impossible without knowledge of how the Hebrews read the Bible (i.e. Torah, Prophets, and Writings - the 'Old Testament'). This might get me back into the NT...

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